You Blow Me Away Valentine Printable

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Way back in 2015 I made these fun You Blow Me Away Valentine’s Printable Cards and they were a hit. When I did them I did them two ways, one with Blow Pops™ and the other with Bubbles. This year I decided to give them an updo and used some of my Cricut items to make them even more efficient than I have in the years past.

You Blow Me Away Free Cards

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I wanted to offer you a few printables for the upcoming holiday. I love having my HP Envy Printer and my Cricut Explore 2 because that means I can make several projects and save myself a lot of money too!. For this project, I used a combination of both of them and it allowed me to make this super cute You Blow Me Away Printable for Valentine’s Day!

If you have a Cricut you can make them here and follow the on-screen directions. Just remember to load the cardstock into your printer and change your Cricut Explore 2 machine to the cardstock settings for the best results.

Use Your TrueControl Knife

After they are cut, take the cards off of the mat and use your TrueControl knife and put an x in the center of the heart. That way you can put the Blow Pop™ in the center. After they are done, have the kids write their names and their classmates’ names on them and insert the Blow Pop ™ into the center.

You Blow Me Away Valentine
You can see the different ways to “cut” your cards in this picture. On the far left I just taped the sucker into place, but I thought the center X was the best answer.

Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Option

Attach small bottles of bubbles in place of the suckers if you don’t want the sugary treats. In the past when I made them, I just taped them to the Valentine’s Day Cards! It is a simple way to keep them together, so that way the kids don’t forget to leave bubbles and a card, but if they do it’s not the end of the world.

Looking for more Valentine’s Day Cards? Look no farther, because I have you covered!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!! Happy printing and don’t forget to share these printables with your friends!

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