Wine Cork Planter

Wine Cork Planter

Wine Cork Planter

Wine Cork Planter

Wine Corks are very easy to come by especially if you are a wine drinker! But if you aren’t you can always buy them online, ask friends and family to save them for you, or even run an ad in the local paper. Making Wine Cork projects are a great way to put to use the leftover corks you have lying around and fun to do to boot! We make things using wine corks and save them for presents around the holidays. It is really a great way to reduce, reuse, and recycle all while being frugal.

Supplies Needed

Wine cork


Glue Gun and glue

Soil, very small amount needed

Small aloe plant or other succulent

Small screwdriver

Wine Cork Planter

Use the smallest screwdriver you have to create a circle in the center of the wide end of a wine cork, you want to punch down into the cork at least a half an inch to begin. Being careful not to break the sides of the cork, wiggle out pieces of cork a little at a time until you have created an inch deep well in the very center.


Things to do with wine corks

Cut your strip of magnet to size and hot glue it down the length of your wine cork. Let it set before filling with soil.

Wine Cork Planter



Holding your wine cork up, fill the very bottom with a pinch of soil. Now place the plant into the well so that the bottom of the plant roots are resting in the soil. Fill in around the plant with additional soil until it reaches just to the top of your wine cork.

Crafts using wine corks

Give both the plant and the cork a watering, cork holds moisture pretty well so the plant can pull from that over time. Display your wine cork planter on a fridge or other magnetic surface.



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