Why Houston is a Top Wedding Destination in Texas

Why Houston is a Top Wedding Destination in Texas

Why Houston is a Top Wedding Destination in Texas

Whether you’re a long-time resident of Houston or looking for an exciting destination wedding, there are many reasons to choose this popular city for your wedding. Enjoy all the thrills of downtown or choose a trending suburb for your unforgettable day. Look for Wedding rentals in Houston and discover why Houston is a top wedding destination in Texas.

Enticing Restaurants

Embark on a culinary tour before, after and during your wedding in Houston. While the city is best known for its classic Tex-Mex and barbecue restaurants, you can sample your way around the world as you soak in this international city. Invite your wedding guests to dine at one of Houston’s famous restaurants or make your wedding a week full of food, fun and friends.

Determine whether you need a catered event or wish to plan your reception at a restaurant. Either way, you’ll have your fill of fine-dining, tasty appetizers or memorable local and international dishes. Whether you choose the best Houston has to offer or find a quaint, new restaurant to highlight your culinary tastes, you’ll find the perfect wedding meal in Houston.

Bustling Culture and Nightlife

Don’t stop the evening when the sun goes down. Take a ride around downtown and midtown bars, clubs and restaurants to check out some of the best nightlife in the state. Whether you host your bachelor party and bachelorette party around town or invite your guests to an after party, you’ll love the vibrant nightlife throughout Houston.

In terms of culture, this international hosts a full range of arts. The theatre district, museums, inspirational architecture and historic locations are all mainstays of the Houston skyline. Enjoy shopping malls, classic art galleries and designer stores for any Texas or international fashion accessories.

Why Houston is a Top Wedding Destination in Texas

Iconic Views

Houston is known for a wide range of iconic sights, historic attractions and family-friendly events. Just the walk to your wedding could cross a wide range of popular places. For the family, there’s waterparks, the Houston Zoo or Children’s Museum of Houston. You can’t forget the Kemah Boardwalk and enjoy the stunning Ferris wheel and carousel.

Of course, Houston is also known for the Space Center Houston. With 400 space artifacts and other incredible space-related attractions and events, it’s a wonderful place to swing by or host a family get-together as you prepare for your wedding.

Quality Venues and Rentals

Houston isn’t short on wedding venues. From spacious event halls to intimate barn venues, you can find an incredible range of locations across the city to plan your big event. Once you’ve found the perfect location, look for wedding furniture rental companies to provide the elegant seating for you and your guests.

Whether you plan a Houston-themed, Texas-themed or choose your own special theme for your wedding, you’ll find a diverse range of restaurants, halls and unique areas to create a wedding event that promises to be a day to remember.For all your wedding rental needs, contact a Houston-based design firm who can help you pull off your big event. Learn how award-winning designers, like those at Archive Rentals, can create the unique look and elegant feel your wedding deserves.

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