Why Are Sunglasses Important For Your Eyes Health?

Why Are Sunglasses Important For Your Eyes Health?

Getting ready for Sunshine, camping trips, the beach, vacations-summer? When you shop for your new summer clothes and you are planning your getaways, don’t forget to buy a quality pair of sunglasses. They are way more than just cool, they are a necessity. Check over here for the reasons why you should wear sunglasses in summers. 

They Prevent Future Eye Health Conditions – 

Sunglasses are tools in preventing the early onset of macular degeneration and cataracts, both of them impairs your vision and the quality of your life. 

They Shield Your Eyelids – 

Sunglasses are generally bigger than a lot of regular eyeglass frames, they protect your eyelids and skin around your eye sockets from harmful UV rays.

Why Are Sunglasses Important For Your Eyes Health?

They Help To Prevent Eye Strain – 

Have you ever gone to the beach and forgotten your sunglasses?Prevent all the eye strain,fatigue, tearing and headaches by throwing on a quality pair of sunglasses before you leave the house. 

They Can Be Made With Prescription Lenses – 

For those people who don’t wear contacts, or whose transition lenses don’t work in the car, prescription sunglasses are the right thing for them. 

They Can Be Polarized For Clear Vision – 

Polarized lenses are high quality glare lenses. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you very well know that sometimes the glare of the Sun off of cars, signs and water can be unbearable. Polarized lenses are great in shielding you from this glare to give you the most clear vision possible. 

They Help Protect Your Eyes From Outdoor Elements – 

By making it a habit to wear sunglasses you can gain an added layer of protection from sun, wind, sand and dirt during all your outdoor activities this summer. 

They Will Give You Fashionable And Fresh Look – 

Sunglasses are just downright cool. Get yourself a pair today to top off your summer look. 

Sunglasses look cool, as there are thousands to choose from. But why do you  have to use sunglasses? Isn’t it enough to wear a ball cap and shield the eyes from the sun or just put your hand over your brow anytime you look in the sun’s general direction?

We need to put on sunglasses because we have to protect the retina inside the eye, people develop macular degeneration with age which is light sensitive, never trust issues in the eye and to use sunglasses may protect the photoreceptors from UV damage which prevents vision loss. 

Everyone slowly develops clouding of lens which is known as cataract. Protecting the eye from sunlight  slows down progress of cataracts.

 Skin cancer on eyelids. Protection from sun rays is advised to prevent this condition, particularly in patients having a history of skin cancer.

Convinced Yet? 

 As sunscreen, sunglasses need to have both UVA and UVB protection, as these are two different types of UV rays and need different defences. As for the colour of your lenses- dark lenses are not always better.Select polarized glasses as they are protective against UVA and UVB rays, but not always. Polarized lenses decrease glare, which is due to light reflecting off a smooth and flat surface so they can help in diminishing problems. 

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