What To Do When a Family Member Suffers from a Personal Injury

What To Do When a Family Member Suffers from a Personal Injury

An accident is something that causes a great amount of pain and suffering in its aftermath, both for the victim themselves, as well as for their sympathetic loved ones. Therefore, it is important to know what the best practices are when you or a different family member becomes the victim of a personal injury.

Ranging from engaging in physical support to learning how to better listen to them and understand their trauma, and eventually to seeking justice on their behalf, here are a few essential things that you can do to ease their struggles:

What To Do When a Family Member Suffers from a Personal Injury

Help Them Readjust to Life

Becoming a victim of a serious accident or injury changes your life.

Whether the individual in question has suffered major lesions, bruises, or physical damage so great that they can no longer use one or multiple body parts, you should try your best to help them adjust to their new life.

Oftentimes, a great scare for newly-victimized people is the need for new tools and equipment so that they can still engage in walking or other similar motor functions. In terms of support, actions speak louder than words.

Learn to adapt to their new lifestyle. If they have to use crutches, go on short walks at their own pace. If they have a fractured arm, involve them in family activities that require less hand-work as before. If they have to use a wheelchair for a longer period of time, install multiple ramps around the house.

Through inspiration and creativity, you can make sure that they are not facing all of this alone.

Allow Them to Open Up

Psychologist studies have shown that opening up about trauma is the first step in curing what could, if left undiscussed, turn into long-term PTSD.

But opening up about trauma is not as easy as just saying so. It is an entire process. The listener is just as important as the speaker in the intent to get all the deeply hurtful information out of their system, and sometimes discussing hurtful and traumatic events is too difficult, even with your family.

But thankfully, solutions can always be found.

First and foremost, be patient with them. Allow the traumatic injury to come into discussion naturally and on their terms. You do not want it to feel as though you are forcing them to talk about what is an incredibly sensitive topic.

Secondly, make sure you actually listen to what they have to say. This cannot be stressed enough. Do not try to make the situation about you and your experiences, even if you might think that you are helping. Focus on listening and on being present in the conversation.

Though a noble and commendable effort, you cannot directly empathize with your loved one’s suffering, because you were not the one who suffered the injury and its long-lasting consequences. They were.

Finally, do not dismiss their pain or feelings of agony. A loved one who is in pain will never open up to you if you consistently minimize their issues and tell them to simply ‘toughen up’.

This will only result in their self-isolation from what they perceive as cruel and careless behavior.

Claim Justice in their Name

After you have dealt with the aftermath of the suffering, you should start looking at the root of the problem. The injury that started it all.

In most cases of personal injury law, the injured person is, at most, only partially to blame for the collateral damage that they endured, and because of that, someone needs to fight for their rights.

Dedicated professionals, such as the ones at Pintas & Mullins injury lawyers, are here to give you expert advice, along with access to the legal information that you need in acquiring the financial and moral compensation which your family member is rightfully entitled to.

Through their empathetic counsel and exhaustive legal knowledge, you will facilitate your loved one to completely move on from the trauma of their injury. In knowing that their rights were upheld, they will finally be allowed solace.