Weight Loss at a Stall? Try VinThin

Weight Loss at a Stall? Try VinThin

I’ve partnered with VinThin to bring you this post, however, all opinions are 100% my own. Please consult your Doctor before trying any of these products as I’m just sharing information with you and sharing my results.

Weight Loss at a Stall? Try VinThin

One of the things that I have struggled all my life with is weight. As the old saying goes, hindsight is twenty-twenty and when I was at my smallest in high school I still felt huge. Fast forward 20ish years later and I really was big, like 26-28 in women’s big. In high school, I wore a size 16, a sixteen and because I wasn’t as skinny as everyone else I thought I was huge. As I’ve grown older I’ve learned to embrace my differences and enjoyed the food and life’s choices that were thrown my way. While I wasn’t always happy, I’ve made the best of my life with the hand that I’ve been dealt. But I’ve learned a lot about myself, my relationship with food, and of course relationships in general.

In the past four years, I’ve cut out toxic people in my life (yes, even those who are related to me), changed eating habits, upped my water intake. I’ve also worked on things that other people don’t see, like fighting my self-doubt, focusing more on myself and changing lifelong habits. I can tell I’m not where I was four years ago, but it was January of this year that things really started to change on the weight loss front.

While we have kept most of the story under wraps and haven’t been open and in your face about it, we have changed the way we eat, what we keep in our house and of course how active we are. While weight loss isn’t something that happens overnight, if you work at it, it does come off. But then you stall and you are like, why oh why will that dang scale not move?? In most cases, it is because your body has adapted to whatever changes you have made. While I’ve only lost 15 pounds, I’ve dropped back down to a size 18 in pants, which is huge because I started in a size 22.

This last month, I hit the dreaded stall again and couldn’t get under a number on the scale for probably 2 months. It didn’t matter what I did, it wouldn’t budge. But then I had an email hit my inbox, and I decided I didn’t have anything to lose, so I agreed to try out a new herbal weight loss supplement called VinThin.

VinThin is No caffeine. No stimulants. No side effects. No common allergens. Proven safe.

The bottle arrived and I was excited to try it, and then I got into some poison ivy and the Dr. decided I should hold off on adding anything new to my system until I got that cleared up. 2 weeks of poison ivy, rashes, allergic reactions, shots, 4 different medications, and lots and lots of itching I finally got the go-ahead to try VinThin.

Why VinThin?

Because I only have to take it one time a day. (But if you are hungry in the afternoon, you can take another one with no problems)

It contains no caffeine or stimulants, which means no crazy jitters.

It resets my body to make it want to lose again.

VinThin has allowed me to break my stall and lose a couple more pounds. While being tested in double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials, participants using VinThin lost an average of 1.1 lbs. per week without following any particular diet or exercise program. And I’ve lost 3 pounds in the last week on using VinThin daily. While I’ve continued to stay away from processed foods, extra sugar and of course drank lots of water. While it may not work for everyone, VinThin has given me the boost I need to keep the scale moving in the right direction, and I’m anxious to see where this new journey takes me. 

VinThin Use It and Lose It herbal dietary supplement is available on their website as well as and Amazon.com, and selected retailers, in bottles of 30 tablets. Discount subscription plans are available.

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