We Are Picture Picture

We Are Picture Perfect

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We Are Picture Perfect

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and here at the LWH household are focusing on less is more. We haven’t went off the deep end in decluttering, but it’s a work in progress. However, there are a few things I’ve learned that I really do love in life. Coffee, family, photographing, organizing, and Precious Moments to name a few.

TGIF This Grandma is Fabulous a Precious Moments Figurine

A few months ago I started my Precious Moments collection over if you will and my first addition was TGIF Grandma figurine. This Grandma is Fabulous (I know, I know hold the applause!) But today we are going to talk about my newest addition which is also a Precious Moments figurine and it’s even more special.

We Are Picture Perfect

We Are Picture Perfect is the perfect addition to my collection. It is Approximately 6.25H x 5.75W x 4.25D inches and looks fabulous on my coffee bar to my. We Are Picture Perfect is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day  With an appreciative kiss on the cheek, this sweet lass and her handsome lad inspire so much happiness and romance that their adorable puppies imitate them in a ‘picture perfect’ way. It inspires sweethearts to remember those fond memories and gives you a warm wonderful feeling of being in love.

It is meticulously crafted in fine bisque porcelain and expertly hand-painted but my absolute favorite feature is the way the “hearts” on the frame pop. It is a spectacular way to remember all relationships because no matter what kind of day you are having, you will look at it, and instantly smile I promise.

Show your unconditional love this Valentine’s Day with “We Are Picture Perfect for your sweetheart, son/daughter, grandkids or anyone on your gift giving list. I promise they will love it just as much as I do.

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5 thoughts on “We Are Picture Perfect”

  1. What an adorable piece! My husband and I received a Precious Moments figurine for one of our anniversaries and it would be fun to add We Are Picture Perfect to our collection.

  2. Those are both SOO darling!! I love Precious Moments. I had a coloring book of theirs when I was a tween and it was my very fave. Definitely worth hanging on to collectibles like these.

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