Ways to save money by gardening

Ways to Save Money By Planting a Garden

Ways to Save Money By Planting a Garden

Raise your hand if you’re planting a garden this year? I have already planted my garden and I’m super excited. Gardening is a GREAT way to keep extra money in your pocket book. And if you can the bounties your will be able to have fresh foods all winter long. It is definitely a labor of love, but it saves us so much money each year we continue to do it every year. 

Save money on veggies

You may not realize how much money you’re spending on veggies, but it can be expensive. You’re doing yourself a favor and your family a favor by planting your own garden. You’re saving lots of money and really only paying pennies for each vegetable and best of all you control what is put on them. For more serious landscaping projects, you may need to use a towable backhoe to dig deeper into the ground.

Veggies can be stored and preserved

If you’re considering planting a garden, but aren’t sold, then you should know a few things. Veggies can be stored and preserved. You can literally store them for days, months, and years. Anything from potatoes to tomatoes can be canned or frozen to help you extend your harvest even longer. Some people even dehydrate them as a way of preserving, it’s just a matter of what you like to do. 

Start small to help preserve your investment

It’s no secret that planting a garden can help you save money. However, starting small is always a GOOD idea, especially if you’re new to planting. The truth is that gardens can go good or bad. If this is your first year, you don’t want to plant a bunch of stuff and then it is not successful. Be sure to check out the Planting Zones Map as well, so you know what is best to plant in your area. 

Ways to save money by gardening

Save gas going to the store

Imagine that you can just step outside to pick out some lettuce or tomatoes to go with dinner, instead of driving to the store. You will save a small amount of money on gas by not driving to the store every time you need some fresh vegetables for your next meal. 

Saving money by planting a garden is EASY. Saving money just happens naturally, it’s not something you will have to force. No one can say no to feeding their family on a budget. 



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