Unique Gift Ideas for Christmas 2020 – Year of Distancing

2020 seems to go in a blink and we are only a few months away from Christmas. Every year we need to find gifts for our family/loved ones and 2020 is the same. If you want to avoid unnecessary stress of choosing a gift then you better prep it well. And since we are still a few months away, why not look at DIY options?

DIY is getting all the craze this year because 2020 is the year of distancing. Everyone prefers to stay at home due to the pandemic, this does not apply to essential workers though so please give your best appreciation when you have a friend in the “essential” field. But what is the connection between DIY and gifts for Christmas?

DIY gifts require more work and attention on your part, but the result might shock you and the gift receiver. Diy gifts generally means using a consumable/reusable as the “base” of your gift. A great example Is using a heart-shaped ice on top of your chocolate to give to your spouse. Here are some more ideas:

Customized Gifts for Children (Soap & Freezies)

Kids love things with playful shape, you can give them a customized bathing soap for Christmas! You will only need to prepare cornstarch, shower gel, food coloring material, and coconut oil. Make sure that you double-check first with the kids since they might be allergic to specific material in the soap. Better safe than sorry!

Another idea is to prepare a big bag of jumbo freezies. Kids love everything similar to ice cream. You can probably customize the size and shape of the freezies if you choose to buy from a reputable vendor. Just make sure the kids are not sick when eating it unless you want to be lectured by the parents.

Ear Warmers

Fortunately, the days when self-crocheted headbands or hats were out are long gone! A great gift idea for which you don’t need much, just good (organic and fairtrade) wool, a crochet and darning needle, and scissors. Otherwise, you only need the approximate head size of the recipient – may be you can secretly steal a hat and measure it. 😉

This seems to be the kind of gift that a grandma would give and that is exactly why you should try it. No one expects to get an ear warmers from a friend. And if you want to go the DIY route it is not that complicated, just prepare wools, crochet, needles, and scissors. Make sure you know the head size of the person you are going to give it to!

Get Together

Perhaps the best gift of all especially in 2020. Being there to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones is one of the best gifts for Christmas (Except maybe a Christmas gift baskets). And it is not that easy either! You will need to make sure you are safe from Covid-19 by quarantining yourself for at least 14 days before going to the Christmas gathering. Who says that being there is the easiest gift for Christmas? Not in 2020!

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