Understanding The Male Mind: Is He Teasing You Because He Secretly Likes You?

Understanding The Male Mind: Is He Teasing You Because He Secretly Likes You?

Let’s face it. Every woman knows that men can be incredibly confusing. Sometimes, they act like they like you . . . only to disappear or “ghost” you without even a text. Other times, they might be mean, distant, or cold at some times and then loving and warm at others. All of this can add up to a lot of mental confusion.

Remember, though, that you deserve to be treated with respect at all times, and the male psyche is never a valid excuse for bad or abusive behavior. Don’t put up with that, no matter what. Aside from that, though, there are key signs you can look out for that show you that a guy might just really like you.

Understanding The Male Mind: Is He Teasing You Because He Secretly Likes You?

A Constant Smile

When you’re trying to determine how to tell if a guy likes you, be on the lookout for a constant smile that won’t leave his face whenever he’s around you. While guys might be good at not letting their words betray their feelings, they aren’t very good at hiding them in their facial expressions and overall body language. So, if you notice he always has a grin when you’re around, take this as a very good sign.

Lots of Questions

The male brain is wired to take a major interest when it’s attracted to a person, especially when the attraction goes beyond the physical. Thus, pay attention to the conversations you have with the guy who has you intrigued. If he’s always asking you questions about your life, your interests, your family, your friends, and more, this is a good sign that he’s really trying to get to know you and to figure out what makes you tick. There’s no reason to play extra coy either. Answer his questions openly and honestly without giving away too much. Keep things positive and light, and they should develop nicely.

Of course, with that said, do be wary if a guy is overly demanding. Wanting to know about you and the things you like isn’t the same as insisting he know where you are at every second and who you’re with. Those can be signs of abusive or possessive behavior and often go beyond mere interest.

He Remembers Things

While taking an interest and listening to what you have to say is a great start, the real test is whether or not a guy actually remembers the things you talk about. A man who is truly interested will hear you say you like a particular band and then surprise you with tickets to see them play live. Or, he’ll bring up a favorite topic you’ve talked about or tell you about something that reminded him of an interest or thought you shared. Truly interested men don’t just find out about you. They act on what they find out and use it to try and make you happy and to catch your interest too.

He Shows the Right Body Language

As mentioned earlier, guys tend to smile when they’re around women they like. However, that’s not the only body language cue to be on the lookout for. Interested men will often make eye contact with you when they speak, turn their bodies and feet toward you when you’re in the same vicinity, and they may also groom themselves to look their best for you. If you catch him combing his hair or glancing in the mirror, take it as a sign that he cares how he looks around you, which could just translate to caring about you.

He Shows Off

In a lot of ways, men are like little boys. If they work hard to impress you, don’t take it as arrogance. Take it as a sign that they like you and really want you to like them back. Of course, with that said, men do have different ways to try and make you dig them.

If a guy is always telling jokes and trying to make you laugh, for example, that’s likely his way of trying to impress you. Or, if he oh-so-casually tells you about the car he drives or the job he has, take it in stride.

Of course, men shouldn’t try to impress you by outright bragging or by trying to make others look small by comparison. That kind of behavior is actually a major red flag. But, if he’s just sweetly trying to make you think that he’s the best, it probably just means he wants you to like him back.

He Touches You

Men tend to express their feelings physically, rather than verbally. So, take notice of if and how often a guy finds reasons to touch you. This isn’t to say that any man should grab you when you’re not expecting it or open to it. Nor should a respectable guy touch you in any way that’s offensive or unwelcome. In those cases, you don’t want the guy to like you.

But, if a man “accidentally” brushes against you when talking, reaches out to touch your arm, or guides you through a crowd by putting his hand on your back, these are all good signs. Just remember, you are and should always be in full control of if you’re touched, when, where, and how often. Any decent guy will understand and respect that fact.

He’s There for You

Men often express their feelings through action. So, pay attention to whether or not a guy is there for you. Does he offer to help you move when you’re getting a new place? Does he try to solve every problem or challenge you face?

Men who care about you are men who will go above and beyond to try and help you with anything and everything that might be troubling you.

As you can see, men are actionable creatures. They might not come out and say they like you, but, if you pay attention, they’ll let you know in other ways. Just make sure the man you’re into is actually worth liking and caring about in return.