Traveling with Pets


Traveling with Pets

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As “Empty Nesters” we are finding the time to take a few more trips and see things that have always been on our bucket list to see. But since we have Biscuit the 1 year old “puppy” we either have to find a pet sitter or take him with us. He travels well, and is well behaved but not all hotels are pet friendly especially for a big guy like Biscuit. But we have found a few hotels that welcome even the big guys like him to stay at their hotels. One of our favorite places to stay is Extended Stay America because they are pet friendly as well as have a great reward system in place.

Traveling with Pets

Why Extended Stay America?

They have pet-friendly rooms in all of their 600+ hotels around the United States it does cost us a little bit extra because he is bigger, but in any Extended Stay America we have stayed at the manager approved his staying with us. But I also love that they have kitchenettes so we can cook our own meals while traveling. It is a huge money saver and a great hotel to stay in while we travel. Here are some must have travel items when you are planning on traveling with a pet. I’ve learned the hard way though to remember to pack a “doggy” bag that contains the following items for Biscuit.

Toys including his rope and ball so that he gets plenty of exercise when we travel.

His bed because otherwise he likes to jump on furniture and of course his doggy bowls. We bring a gallon jug of water with us to use when we stop for potty breaks, so he gets everything he gets at home.

His leash is a must because without it he would be long gone in a new area and of course we pack his doggy treat to help keep him on track while we travel.

Last but not least we pack his food, because we want him to remain on the same food he gets at home. We pack extra for just in case we want to extend our stay by a couple of days but have only used the “extra” once.

ESA Breakfast

Find yourself traveling a lot?

Check out their Extended Perks Rewards Program, which gives you access to special national and local discounts from Americaโ€™s top brands the moment you enroll. Plus, you can save up to $2,500 annually with no points required. But you can get 18% off 1-29 nights now using the promo code MB7CB until 2/21.


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  1. They offer a free “grab-and-go” breakfast that includes a variety of breakfast bars and muffins, hot cereal, coffee, and tea!

  2. I would like to stay at the Extended Stay in Carnegie Pa. I’ve been wanting to visit Pittsburgh for awhile and Im hoping this is the year.

  3. I would choose to stay at the Extended Stay America – New Orleans – Metairie because we are planning a trip to New Orleans this spring and this would so help us save money, keep us from staying with family and allow us to bring our Loki dog!

  4. I discovered that when you book at, you’ll receive the absolute lowest rate– guaranteed!

  5. The breakfast component would make it a lot easier for us since we have 2 young boys and will have a baby girl in 2 weeks. We still want to be able to go on vacation but we want to make it as easy and as enjoyable as we can.

  6. Nicole Lancaster

    I would stay at a Extended Stay America Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona because My family drives up to Phoenix frequently to go to the Phoenix Zoo and other family attractions.

  7. Nicole Lancaster

    I learned on the Extended Stay America website that in select hotels they have shuttle service to local stores and restaurants and all hotels have a grab and go breakfast.

  8. I would like to stay at the one in Fayetteville, NC. We are going to FL in a few months and that would be halfway and a nice place to stop and stay.

  9. We are empty nesters and even though traveling was on our bucket list, we forgot about the funding part! With no raises in Social Security and everything else going up (especially our politicians salaries) and taxes, we have to really look around for good deals! We bring our furry friends whenever we can! Your ideas are great! Our animals do not like change! They are creatures of habit! If we can’t take them, we leave them with a friend or family member. If I can help it, I will not board my furry friends! I couldn’t stand the thought of them staying locked up in a cage!

  10. We always try to take our two dogs with us whenever we vacation. Our cats usually stay at home if we’re not gone too long.

  11. I have a convention coming soon in July and I’d like to stay somewhere in Newark would only be a few mins drive after staying and it would be helpful.

  12. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I like their Best Rate Guarantee, their discounts, and that 85% of their hotels have been renovated.

  13. I found they have one right by my house for my guests to stay at when they come visit me because I have a small home and really not enough room for overnighters. I’m going to have to go drive by there to see where it’s at. Woo Hoo Nice to know that… My daughter lives in Missouri & when she comes to visit with just her & her son is no problem to stay by me, but when hubby comes with he travels for work & he does computer stuff it’s nice to know he’ll have privacy and they’ll have a nice place to stay.

  14. I learned they’re pet friendly those are so hard to find. I also learned they’ve been renovated, and this is the first time hearing about this chain. They sound affordable, and have many accommodations that comes with it.

  15. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I would choose Jackson ms because we periodically stay in Jackson and it would be nice not to have to pay for a place to stay.

  16. I’d like to stay at any of the Tampa area Extended Stay America motels….( nice and close to the beaches) ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I would love to go to Oregon. We have family close by to watch over our dog but it’s nice to know if it wasn’t possible that he could come along.

  18. will have to check it out as you say there are a lot of places that don’t want pets. When we were at the Grand Canyon we stopped at one place and they said NO pets BUT if we want to take them go ahead. So we need

  19. I have a sister that I’m 10 yrs older than who I luv & miss so very much, she lives in Nashville Tenn. & I live all the way in Ca. I miss my baby sister So.

  20. I’d like to stay at the Extended Stay America – Nashville – Vanderbilt. It’s not too far from home, so my husband and I could enjoy a little weekend getaway to Nashville ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. We love to travel whenever we have time off from work and on the budget. Choosing a decent but inexpensive hotel is quite a challenge. We are a member of hotel rewards and its been a great help for us. It would be nice if I won on this giveaway it means another trip of a lifeitme.

  22. I have never traveled with my pet. However, I’m sure there are those who do so. This room is so spacious. I hope they somehow can read this.

  23. I don’t know how people can travel with pets on a cruise. I actually just got back from a cruise and there was a service dog aboard and I don’t know where they would even go to the bathroom on the ship. It’s weird. I’ve always wondered that.

  24. This is great information for those of us with furkids we cannot leave home alone. Boarding can bring a whole slew of problems with it, whereas House/Pet Sitters can run into a bit of money also. Thanks for the review & heads up ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. How convenient is this! So perfect for pet owners who just can’t leave their furry friends behind! Love these accommodations!

  26. It looks like a great giveaway, but I’m going to abstain because I haven’t been back to the US in over 5 years and don’t plan to start now ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s great that this chain is pet friendly. I remember when I was in the process of moving abroad, places weren’t pet friendly and several times, I had to sneak an 18 lb. ginger tomcat into my hotel. That was very much not a fun experience!

  27. Jennifer Cervantes

    I’d love to stay at the Santa Barbra, ca location because I think my family would love it, my uncle used to live there and I loved it, plus it is close to the beach.

  28. I would LOVE to win a stay at the Extended Suites! I love that they are pet friendly and we don’t have to leave our sweet dog behind. I love that there is a kitchen where we can cook our food ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. We do not own any dogs and I honestly cannot imagine traveling with our two cats but after traveling with my best friend and her husband with two dogs I see how important it is to find pet friendly places to stay. This looks liek a great place to stay with or with out pets.

  30. We just added our little HarleyGirl to our family in August and haven’t traveled with her yet but these great tips will definitely help with the first time we do. Thank you so much!

  31. i would like to stay in Extended Stay America – Las Vegas – Midtown because All Suites are Recently Renovated and Non-Smoking* which is so great.

  32. I’d love to stay in Florida Jacksonville my coach is from there and I’m from California. A nice visit to see her would be great.

  33. I love that they are pet friendly we travel a lot because i compete in the bikini bodybuilding shows and hate leaving our Yorkie behind with a babysitter so this is a great offer they have

  34. I would like to stay in the Extended Stay America in Nashville, TN because we are planning a trip to Nashville this year and it would be wonderful to stay at an Extended Stay there and explore Nashville.

  35. I found that you can download their app and keep up to date with them and that over 85% of their hotels have been renovated.

  36. Rachel Wifethenmama

    I would either stay in Boise because I have family near there, or in the Portland area since it is within close driving distance if I don’t have gas money to go very far!

  37. Rachel Wifethenmama

    I learned that the suites are gorgeous and they have full kitchens, which are always amazing for saving money while travelling!

  38. I’m glad to know that pets are welcome. One less thing to worry about on a trip! And non-smoking rooms are a plus, too!

  39. This place looks wonderful! and I have never thought to travel with my pets but if I do, at least I know now that this place
    allows animals.

  40. I would stay in Houston, because I have a lot of family in the city. I really like how the rooms have their own kitchns.

  41. What a great hotel! I was even able to fill out my profile and get 20% off my first stay!! Thanks for sharing and for the chance! Good luck everyone!

  42. I would like to stay at the one Charleston, SC – this would give me the opportunity to visit family and the historic town as well as the old Slave Market.

  43. I would go to the one in Omaha Nebraska because that is where my son’s sister lives and I would love to him there this summer to visit her. They haven’t seen wacher other in 10 years.

  44. I would probably choose the Atlanta location because we are planning a short trip to Atlanta while my daughter is out of school this month. We hope to go to the zoo and a few other spots, and both of my daughters want to swim! I hope they have a heated or indoor pool!

  45. I think I would choose Red Bank, New Jersey. We love the Jersey Shore, but haven’t been to this town yet! We have a two year old and a newborn, so I wouldn’t want to go too much farther away, but this is far enough away, that it would feel like a “real” vacation! ๐Ÿ™‚

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