Travel Lightly, Travel Cheaply

Travel Lightly, Travel Cheaply



Travel Lightly, Travel Cheaply

Travel Lightly, Travel Cheaply
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Travel can get pretty expensive. Whether it’s the cost of the flight itself or the money you need to pay for accommodation in a fancy hotel, you can expect to pay a ludicrous amount of money just to experience something different. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to reduce the overall cost of your next holiday, and we’ll be breaking them down into easy-to-digest tips for you to consume.

Travel light

Do you really need to pack a huge suitcase full of clothes and travel “essentials?”. Most likely not. People can usually get around with just a large backpack on their shoulders and a couple of changes of clothes. It’s a good idea to learn from backpackers if you want to travel both lightly and cheaply. You’ll learn plenty of tricks to make your luggage and clothes last longer, and you’ll also find different ways to experience a country.

Avoid tourists

You might be a tourist yourself, but it doesn’t mean you need to group yourself together with them. Tourists usually head towards the expensive destinations and tourist traps that cost them far too much money. Sure, some locations are excellent because they offer great tour guides of iconic locations, but it’s a good idea to try your best and avoid tourist traps as much as possible. There are many ways to explore a country and indulge in its traditions and cultures, so don’t rely on tourist traps.

Live cheaper

Find a hostel if you can. They’re far cheaper than hotels and you’ll also get to meet other like-minded travellers during your stay. It pays to make friends and network with others because they can tell you about the tourist traps to avoid and the best places to get some cheap food and essentials.

Compare packages

Use a travel comparison website such as Orbitz to help you determine where you can get the cheapest deals. With so many online travel agencies offering amazing deals, it helps to have a website compare all of the choices you have to make it easier to find the best deals. You’ll be surprised at all the savings you make, and there are even loyalty programs that offer various luxuries.

Learn to explore

It’s important to explore if you want to travel on a budget. Not only does exploring help you avoid tourist destinations, but it can also assist in getting more enjoyment from your travels. Having a tour guide take you all around the city is fun, but it’s restricted and doesn’t give you a sense of exploration. Grab yourself a map (or some form of GPS such as your phone) and head out into the wild to find your own adventure.

Embrace the culture

Lastly, try and learn all the traditions and cultures of the country you’re visiting. One of the best reasons to do this is so you can eat cheaply. Many exotic countries have their own tastes and foods, and if you’re not willing to try them out then you’ll be forced to pay higher prices for food that is closer to your tastes. Be adventurous when you travel and embrace the culture around you.


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