Top Tips for a Super Awesome Staycation

Top Tips for a Super Awesome Staycation

Top Tips for a Super Awesome Staycation

Top Tips for a Super Awesome Staycation

This blog is a testament to how much I love to travel, but a little-known fact is that I am also a huge advocate of the staycation! Yes, waking up in a new town with sights to see, restaurants to eat at and new places to visit is a great treat, but so is waking up in your own bed without the hassle of traveling long distances and spending a whole bunch of money to get there. For those times when you really need to relax, there’s no place like home.

That’s right, you don’t need to book tickets to a far-flung destination to experience all the relaxation that an international beach resort can offer. Far from it. In fact, staycations are considered an emerging travel trend with an exponential rise in people choosing to stay at home over going abroad. And who can blame them? Recreating the experience of a vacation without traveling is easier than ever before, so instead of packing up the entire family and traipsing across the state, why not plan a super awesome staycation in your own home this year?

Ok, so you might find that some family members may need a bit of convincing, but if that trip to Hawaii is just not financially or practically feasible just yet, then staying at home can be the next best thing. By following these staycation tips, you are guaranteed to have a super awesome time! Who knows, you might even set a new family trend.

The best way to kick off your staycation is to approach it in the same way as if you were going away. This means the whole family needs to be a part of the events you have planned, and it also means taking time away from chores! Adopting a laid-back approach to washing dishes and vacuuming is precisely what you would do on vacation, so make sure these rules apply to your week at home. This staycation is about relaxing, not catching up on mountains of laundry! Unless laundry relaxes you, of course…

Another way to avoid any stress is to not to let anyone from work know that you are vacationing at home as this will mean they are much less likely to contact you. If you work from home, make sure the office is out of bounds and set all emails to an out-of-office message to avoid the temptation of checking them. Once you have signed off for the week, you are officially on vacation and nothing should get in the way of your downtime!

Hanging out with the family is one of the best things about a vacation, so planning a few exciting events will encourage your family to spend quality time together during your time off. Get together and make a list of awesome places you would like to visit locally, such as a water park, or the zoo, and plan a few themed evenings at home for all the family to enjoy, such as a board game extravaganza, movie night or card tournaments.

To add an extra special touch to movie nights, why not set up a projector in the yard with an old sheet and lots of cushions for that drive-in feel. Kids will love the excitement of eating popcorn and watching their favorite film in the yard! Put up a tent for outdoor sleepovers and decorate the garden with fairy lights, paddling pools, fire pits and plenty of garden furniture to make it feel as though you are really visiting a campsite.

Of course, relaxing is all about doing as little as possible, so abandon any errands you would normally run during the week. Instead, prepare in advance by stocking the fridge with awesome treats and planning a couple of exciting family meals. This way you can avoid having to make any stressful trips to the store for things you might have forgotten. But don’t worry, if you do forget something, there are always plenty of restaurants to check out — which is precisely what you would do on vacation!

Above all, the most important thing to remember is to relax. Regardless of the reasons you are planning a staycation this year, the goal for any holiday is to enjoy yourselves and spend quality time together as a family. I hope that these tips help you to have the best staycation possible!

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