Top 5 Urban Cities For Biking

Top 5 Urban Cities For Biking

Top 5 Urban Cities For Biking

Biking is damn interesting not only for the activities of professional cycling but also for making the most out of our daily routines. A fairly large number of urban cities are now encouraging their inhabitants to take more priority in biking probably to avoid the daily glitches of road traffic while traveling to and from their workplaces. More and more urban cities are investing resources and efforts in the development of advanced cycling infrastructure. The competition between the world’s best biking-friendly cities gets tougher every year and finally, here are the Top 5 Urban Cities for Biking based on the index released by the Copenhagenize Design Company.

Top 5 Urban Cities For Biking


Copenhagen is one of the cities with a bike-friendly atmosphere. The city has a mega and ultra-unique cycling infrastructure which is said to have gulped a massive investment of €134 million.

Inhabitants of Copenhagen have a strong flair for biking and it’s been estimated that over 60% of the city’s population engages in daily biking. Copenhagen’s improved infrastructure has made biking more lively. The city completed the construction of 8 bridges and has already put plans forward for the construction of more bridges for both cyclists and pedestrians.

Top 5 Urban Cities For Biking


Utrecht has big plans to become the world’s best urban city for biking. Recently, the city has been using ”Utrecht Attractive and Accessible” to encourage cycling activities. Surprisingly, the city boasts Holland’s longest bicycle street extending as far as 6 km.

”Utrecht Attractive and Accessible” is a laudable city development project which holds the largest bicycle parking facility in the world. The city has a massive extension plan to make this facility twice its current size by 2020. Interestingly, the facility currently accommodates a whopping total of 12,500 bikes.

Top 5 Urban Cities For Biking


Amsterdam is one of the Dutch cities with an unbending knack for biking. Over 70% of its inhabitants are in possession of one or more bikes.

Of course, Amsterdam is a lovely biking center for cyclists of all kinds. You could see cyclists riding in almost every cranny and nook of the city. According to estimates, about 60% of Amsterdam’s inhabitants ride bikes daily.

Amsterdam is like a single cycling path giving room for riders to travel across almost every length of the city. This is obviously a great thing for any bike-friendly city but the downside is that it forces the government of Amsterdam to invent new urban planning strategies.


Strasbourg is the centerpiece of biking in France. Its immense biking nature has persuaded several other French cities including Nantes, Bordeaux and Paris to adopt its style of urban planning.

Among all other French cities, Strasbourg claims the highest number of people using rental bikes.


Malmo is waxing stronger in the global lineup of bike-friendly cities. With the establishment of Cykelhuset, Malmo is paving the way for more of cycling activities. This idea, of course, is making bicycle the major medium of transportation and saving people the stress of driving their cars at all times. Also, urban cycling in Malmo has witnessed great development particularly with a newly established bicycle ferry linking the city to Copenhagen.


These are some very well-known bike-friendly cities around the world. But there are many more quality cities on the list of bike riders. More than anything else, you need to ensure you choose from the best urban bikes for riding in urban areas. You can also go for one of the seven speed bikes as these bike performs well in city areas. Enjoy visiting cities of your choice on your favorite bikes.

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