Top 5 3CE Lip Color Original for Everyday Use

Top 5 3CE Lip Color Original for Everyday Use

Having a busy schedule every day, it is almost impossible for people to allot much time in doing their makeup routine. We see ladies in buses and subways doing their makeup because they are already running late. With this, K-beauty brands paved their way to provide extraordinary products that will keep you looking fresh and beautiful all day long while giving you minimal application time.

Korean beauty brand 3CE, released Lip Color Original series containing 30 colors that can match all skin types and moods every day. These super pigmented lipsticks also provide you with shades that project your natural look the best way possible. The brand also offers high quality Korean makeups that can make you look beautiful while giving protection to your skin as well.

Top 5 3CE Lip Color Original for Everyday Use

One great thing about the brand’s lipstick is that it does not dry out your lips like some other brands, just make sure to apply moisturizer on your lips before application for added moisture. This series also gives you a huge range from soft colors to dark colors. Most of the soft colors can give you that My Lips But Better shade aka MLBB. For the stronger colors, they give off different vibes such as sexy, seducing, and sophisticated. The product’s packaging is also a win for its consumers since it looks super classy, looking like it is worth more than its price.

Below are five recommended products to achieve that natural look for your everyday use:

1. #302 Peach Coral

This shade is very flexible as you can use it in different types of occasions and situations. You can use it in school, office, or when you are just having a stroll outside. It will give you that natural and glossy look that enhances your real beauty. This is best used after exfoliating your lips and applying lip balm so that re-application is not necessary. This is suitable for everyone.

2. #305 Double Shot

Compared to Peach Coral, this shade is a bit brighter. If you do not want to have a super nude look, you can go for this one because it gives more color and radiates freshness to your lips. This is also suitable for any place and occasion. This is great for college students who are already on their way to being professional adults but not there yet. Just like this shade, it exudes youthfulness and freshness.

3. #506 Daily Lady

As what the name says, this shade is perfect for your daily look. This shade is in between Peach Coral and Double Shot, it is slightly brighter than Peach Coral but not as bright as Double Shot. It is also very natural looking, not too obvious but gives off that light and sweet vibe on your lip. It is also office and school friendly.

4. #902 Rose Breath

If you are in the mood for a slightly stronger shade, this is a great choice. It is not very dark and still gives you a bit of that natural look. This is also a great shade for a professional environment, it can give you that classy and elegant look. This is perfect for young professionals and working adults.

5. #409 Kiss Woo

Looking sexy and seductive is what you are going to be if you go for this shade. This is a lot stronger and darker than Rose Breath. This is a go-to shade for a wild night out with your friends. This shade is eye-catching, so if you want to be the star of the party, this is for you.

3CE’s Lip Color Original costs US$ 35.90.


Having a natural look is not just beautiful, but also healthy for your skin. Doing a skincare routine is an investment that pays off eventually. When you successfully achieve your skin’s healthy glow, you will not need much makeup because you are already naturally beautiful. Lipsticks are enough to enhance your natural look. With 3 Concept Eyes’s Lip Color Original, you have enough choices for your daily look. Not only that, the brand also offers a wide variety of makeup that you can choose from that suits you best while giving you excellent quality products.

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