Top Ten Posts from Life with Heidi

Top Posts in 2020

After blogging for so many years, I’ve learned to always embrace the new challenges each year brings. And each year I try to do a round up of my Top 10 Posts but over the last few years I’ve been slacking at this. So, I took some time to update the post in July of 2020!

Top Ten Posts from Life with Heidi

The results were rather surprising but here are the results, some were older posts, some were old stand-bys and others tugged at my heartstrings. Regardless of what they did to me, I hope that you enjoyed them as much as I did.

Selfie Scavenger Hunt is the perfect teen party idea because this generation LOVES selfies. I have several great ideas for 2020 to bring you more selfie hunts to enjoy all year long with your teens, youth groups and more. Are you a selfie lover or hater?

Selfie Scavenger Hunts

Christmas Eve Coffee– Why wait until Christmas Eve, enjoy this adult beverage any time of the year. Just leave off the crushed candy canes, mix and enjoy!

The Middle Set Visit– YES>>>I was on the set of the show The Middle. I sure wish they would bring it back to life, but in the meantime, I will watch reruns!

Copycat Runza Casserole
Copycat Runza Recipe

Copycat Runza– This Copycat Runza is a recipe that the entire family will love. It is always one of our all-time favorites and when you can’t get the real deal, this is enough to satisfy that craving.

12 Uses for Orange Peels-Who knew something you would normally throw away has so many useful uses? Do you have any that I don’t have on my list?

Gingerbread Bath Salts-Gingerbread Bath Salt is the perfect gift-giving idea and you can change the recipe to fit any smell you wish easily. 

Free Things to Do in Branson Missouri

Free Things to do in Branson, Missouri– Branson is just down the road from us and we used to go down there at least once a year. Now that we are Empty Nesters we have been traveling farther and exploring other spots, but it is still a great spot.

Cleaning with Kool-Aid– Kool-Aid is a great summer drink to have around for the kids. Who knew a kids drink could do so much around the house? You can usually find Kool-Aid packs on sale $2 for 20 packets.

10 Creative Uses for Candle Wax– Believe it or not, but there are lots of things to do with candle wax & creative things to do with candle wax.

Uses for Used Tea Bags–Again something most of us just throw out but it is a great way to save some money too. Are there any other uses that I missed?

100+ Free Things to Do in Missouri

More Great Posts

That’s the Top 10 Right now, but here are a few that aren’t always at the top but are great posts that have at one time or another been on the Top 10 list.

Top Tips for Hosting The Perfect Bridal Shower–This one is an oldie but a goodie, I’ve been a bridesmaid a few times in my life, here are a few great tips to help you throw the Perfect Bridal Shower.

Free Things to Do in Savannah Georgia-This post is very special to me because this last February 2017 we lost my Father-in-Law unexpectedly. This was the last extended “family” vacation we will ever have with him and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs–This is one of Brady’s favorite meals and oddly enough one of the only posts I actually wrote in 2016. It was a rough year, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right??

Nana’s Vegetable Soup–This one was one of my “oldest” posts but probably one of the ones that I love the most. Nana’s vegetable soup is one of our favorite recipes of all time and the memories that go with it are priceless in my book. It is also one of the most popular posts of all time.

Frugal Frozen Party Ideas Kids everywhere love Frozen and there are some great ideas to help throw a Frugal Frozen Party on a budget.

Pretzel Snowmen Adorable snack that could easily be considered Olaf Food! —

52 Week Money Savings Plan Start this savings plan on January 1, 2015 and watch your savings multiply.

Grey’s Anatomy Set Visit Was AMAZING but my favorite part was meeting JCAP and seeing the “Post-it Note Wedding.”

Which of these are your favorite? Leave me a comment below!

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