Title 5 Signs that Your Roof Needs Replacement without Delay

Title 5 Signs that Your Roof Needs Replacement without Delay

The roof is the most important investment you make in your house, but often the most ignored portion because you often forget about it in the daily humdrum. A small leak or clutter, if left untreated, can cause damage to the entire property. Even though most roofs last for an extended period of time, some may wear off quickly because of constant exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Title 5 Signs that Your Roof Needs Replacement without Delay

A common problem that races through every homeowner’s mind is how often the roof needs replacement? It depends on factors like weather conditions, maintenance, age of the roof, etc. Some may last as long as 15-20 years if cared for properly. Here are some of the common signs to look out for that indicate the need for roof replacement:

Water Damage

If the house’s upper floors suffer any damage, especially the attic, it is something you should not ignore. True enough, it could be due to dampness or water coming in through the windows when it last rained but don’t be so sure. It could also mean that the water may be seeping in from the roof because it has a hole or a crack.

You should immediately call your roofing contractor and get it checked. Of course, it may just need a minor repair, but it is anyways better ignoring and letting it manifest into a bigger problem.

Mould and Moss Growth

Check if the roof shows signs of rotting. If you see mould and moss growing on your roof, then it’s time to go for a roof replacement, as moss could force the tiles apart and cause water to leak through. If left untreated, bacteria and fungi can grow on the roof, causing damage to the property.

Loose or Missing Tiles

If you can get on the roof and inspect it yourself, step on the roof tiles to see if they are loose or if there are any missing tiles. If you feel the roof is weak and there are a couple of loose and missing tiles, it is a clear sign that your roof needs to be replaced.

Sagging Roofs

If you can see the roof sinking or bending downwards, it signifies that the roof is weak or damaged. Roof sagging is generally caused by overexposure to water, excess moisture, low-quality roofing material, improper installation, etc. It is a sign of structural damage and needs a replacement; else, the roof may collapse entirely.

Light Coming inside the Home

It is also essential to switch off the lights of the upper rooms and look towards the roof once in a while to examine if there is any light coming in. If yes, it could mean that there are cracks and holes that should be attended to without delay. It is better you call the experts to inspect if repairs would fix it or the entire roof needs to be replaced.

Roofing tiles are generally made to last for years, but constant exposure to harsh weather can sometimes cause the sealants to weaken, leading to weakening of tiles, cracking, chipping, etc. Regular checking and maintenance can extend the lifespan of your roof, causing it to last for years.

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