Titanic Attraction Branson, MO Review

Titanic Attraction Branson, MO Review

While on vacation on our must do’s for my daughter, sister’s and I was the Titanic Attraction in Branson, MO. So the three sister’s took off with a 14 year old-Elizabeth, Ivy a 7 year old girl, Sage-4 year old girl, a 2 year old girl, Olivia. We arrived at the Titanic Attraction in Branson, MO and the first thing out of Sage’s mouth was, “Oh my goodness, that’s big.”. Ivy the 7 year old didn’t say anything, but her face said it all. She was impressed with the size as well, and quickly pointed out it was shaped like a ship.

As soon as you get in line and make it to the front you are greeted by the first of many friendly Titanic staff members. She explained to us how our experience would work, how the audio tour worked and handed us all a card with our passengers name and information on them. We then preceded inside and were great with more friendly staff dressed in period clothing that really made your experience “real”. Some how the  4 year old got into the attraction without shoes  and the Titanic Staff had us use a wheelchair for the kids protection. So they were even accommodating when we hadn’t even noticed, a lot of place would have turned us away.

Titanic’s Unsinkable Molly Brown’s exhibit

After getting the little girls their wheelchair we were welcomed aboard the Titanic and invited to touch the frozen wall. The frozen wall was 8 degrees warmer than what the water would have been when the Titanic passengers hit the water. We all touched it and were amazed at how quickly your hand gets cold. Even the two year old Olivia got in on the action with her rendition of “BRRR” with a super cute grin.

From the second we hit the front door we felt like we were passengers on the boat. The employees were not only dressed in the Titanic era but spoke in “English, Britain” accents to make our experiences even more real. They had a model of the Titanic in the first room and it literally took my breath away when I saw it. I could have spent hours just looking at it, but of course we knew we had a lot to see so we moved on.

The experience was breathtaking, heart tugging, real life like and a memorable learning experience. There were so many amazing things that we were all just awestruck by it all. With each passing moment we were drawn further into what life was like during the maiden and only voyage on April 10,1912. The farther we went the more in depth they went into the story. The knowledge each stafff member’s character had truly made the experience even more enjoyable. Everyone had their favorite moments, even the 2 year old enjoyed the adventure as they were able to relive the way ship was built.

It truly made us feel like we were a part of their crew. I will not spoil the many surprises we had during our journey on the Titanic. However, I will tell you I highly reccomend taking the time to stop in and visit the Titanic Attraction.

Very great entertainment and educational value for your hard earned money. But it is worth every penny because the memories will last you forever and the experience is so life like it is truly amazing.

Titanic Educational materials are also available

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