Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Stool for Your Home

Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Stool for Your Home

Nowadays, most homeowners are fond of incorporating modern themes into their homes. This type of theme is unique, has warmth, and can even work well with traditional themes. When a home has a modern theme, specific details need to be perfect, especially the furniture pieces they choose. 

A furniture piece that’s usually incorporated with a specific theme is a stool. Some might think that stools cannot be a part of a modern theme; that’s where they’re wrong. There are many kinds of designs and materials for stools, so there’s no reason you can’t find the right one to place in your home. 

Choose the Right Height

You need to make sure you know what height the stool needs to be. For instance, a standard bar stool should be between 24 inches to 30 inches in height depending on the height of the table it goes with. A pro tip is to choose a height that’s around 10 inches lower than the counter or table. By following this guide, a person can sit comfortably and rest their hands on the table surface with ease. 

Determine Which Style Suits Best 

After choosing the stool size, the next step is to decide whether it will go well with the house’s entire theme. Choose stools that amplify the appearance of the space and suit your liking. There are a few factors one needs to consider when choosing the perfect stool. The colour, material, design, and the overall look matters. You can select stools that are simple and don’t have too many eye-catching features. There are online stores that have a wide array of stools people can choose from. 

Ensure Comfort When Sitting

Even with the right design and height, a stool is never suitable if a person can’t sit comfortably. Stools with a high back offer the best comfort for those who like to rest their backs. Homeowners can also choose a low back stool to place on countertops or bar tables since it’s not used all the time. And if there are guests who only sit down for a few minutes, a backless stool is perfect to use. 

Get the Right Amount of Stools

As funny as it sounds, homeowners tend to purchase more stools than the desired number because of overcalculations. They usually think that there will be many people using the stools, making them buy more. At some point, the extra stools will be left unused and only take up space in an area. 

Also, you need to know whether the number of stools placed won’t make people bump their elbows into each other when sitting at a table. A good way to figure this issue out is by measuring the width of the stools. For stools that are 16”-18” in width, ensure there’s a 21”-22” of space per stool. If the stool’s width is 19”-22”, a 24”-25” space should be enough. 

Decide Where the Stools Will Go

Not every type of stool can be used in specific areas of the house. Know where to place the stools and how they are going to be used. You might need stools for high-top counters or provide extra seating for the entertainment area. 

When choosing stools for the first time, make sure to follow these helpful tips to ensure no regrets after buying them. 

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