Tips for Displaying Your Travel Memories Creatively

Tips for Displaying Your Travel Memories Creatively

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller,” said Morrocan scholar, Ibn Battuta, and if you are a photographer, painter, craftsperson, or budding interior designer, then you know how travel can expand and shape your artistic eye. The advent of ubiquitous technology means that today, everyone with a smartphone is a photographer. However, not everyone can use lighting – the essence of photography – to tell a story, relay a message, or express one’s deepest yearnings. If you have recently traveled to a place that changed your outlook on life or helped you evolve, how can you ensure that your friends and loved ones see where you’ve been by doing more than flicking through your mobile phone gallery?

Photo by Artem Beliaikin @belart84 from Pexels

Travel Photography and Interior Design

Artistic photography can make a perfect complement to your home design, regardless of your taste in design. Lavish, traditional homes with baby grand pianos, stately carved shelves, and designer desks can be embellished with travel photographs, framed in intricately shaped metal frames of various sizes, shapes, and hues. Contemporary and minimalistic homes, meanwhile, can benefit from a wall arrangement of various images – once again in odd shapes and sizes – forming a photo collage on a blank white wall. For a cool, contemporary touch, you might want to convert all photos to black and white for your collage, leaving one signature piece in a dark color such as indigo or emerald green, allowing the play of light in each photo to weave its particular brand of magic on the spectator.

Memories can be Symbolic

The world’s greatest travelers often have homes that might seem ‘busy’ to lovers of minimalism, because they are decorated with items obtained during sojourns to all corners of the globe. Often, mementos can take the place of photographs when it comes to capturing the spirit of a place. From fabrics to traditional decorative pieces, glassware and cutlery, the items you use daily can tell many tales you can share with inquisitive visitors.

Creating Your Own Mementos

Memory is subjective, so much so that each traveler has individual experiences, impressions, and emotions when they travel to individual places. Rather than photographing a place, you may want to recreate it using your favorite art form. The latter might be sewing, sculpture, or painting. You may want to paint an impressionistic version of a nature scene you have visited, or simply paint a large abstract work with the colors of a particularly spectacular seascape, mountain, or sunset you have witnessed. Your creation can be as futuristic or abstract as you wish, depending on the story you wish to tell (or keep a secret).

If you have taken beautiful photographs and your walls and shelves already contain the maximum number of images you wish to display, you might want to print the images on items such as cushions, or calendars, which you can then give away to friends. This will enable you to share the beauty of what you have seen with treasured people in your life. When it comes to telling stories through your travel photos and artwork, you are the narrator and your story can be embellished with your own impressions, thoughts, and feelings about travel and life in general. Be sure to plan a day trip to Mont Saint Michel next!


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