The Features of Here WeGo App That You Need to Know

The Features of Here WeGo App That You Need to Know

If you want to go and decide to visit some places, there is no need for you to worry about not getting familiar with the area, getting lost, or planning the route to take because here wego got everything covered for you. This app will help every user search for ways without the need to wonder and think about which courses they’ll take because Here WeGo app can find their way around. With that, here are the features of Here WeGo that you need to know.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

This app can provide turn-by-turn navigation that you can access either online or offline mode. Just place the business name, address, or even the landmark, and Here WeGo will automatically compute the distance and directions of your destination. If it’s available, real-time traffic will work, and the prediction will be made on your destination and arrival time.

Before, this app provides a text-to-voice High-Fidelity voice for navigation on the Android platform but then removed because developers want to bring bigger options of great quality voices instead of those Hi-Fi voices.

Bicycle, Public transport, and Pedestrian Navigation

This app can also show users data on public transport when planning an online route for other transport choices like trains and busses. Cycling and walking paths can also be accessed when you have an internet connection. This feature can also estimate the distance and time, especially for driving navigation.

Full transit information can be accessed by users in many countries like Israel, Ireland, Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Ukraine, Taiwan, Sweden, Singapore, Norway, The Netherlands, and a limited transport support directions for other countries.

Reversible Lane Traffic and Real-Time Traffic

Real-time traffic for the express lanes that are reversible across Europe and the US was added way back in 2016. This app provides information that is real-time about incidents and conditions available to a lot of countries since the year 2017.

Location Sharing and “Collections”

Users can also save the destination details and location as “Collections” if they are signed in and online. Although storing the destinations offline to your device is not possible. There are no options if you want to sort your “Collections” by distance or name through the browser, iOS, or Android app. The app that people use for tracking and sharing locations given by third-party applications fused in this app is not available anymore.

Offline Maps

Among the important features of the Here WeGo app is the ability to download the maps of other countries to the internal storage for users to continue navigating without an internet connection. But for some venue information and real-time data for traffic, you have to be connected to the web. The maps include the floor-by-floor data of different massive indoor venues like airports and shopping malls. Back then, street views are available but no longer today.


If you are an adventure seeker and want to travel to many places, you might want to have a reliable navigation app, and Here Wego app got you covered. It’s the perfect app in guiding you to many places, and it can calculate everything for you.

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