The Attraction Formula: 7 Concepts You Need to Grasp If You Want to Make a Man Commit to a Relationship

The Attraction Formula: 7 Concepts You Need to Grasp If You Want to Make a Man Commit to a Relationship

Most women dream of meeting the perfect man—someone they can spend their life with. However, finding this man and getting him to commit are two different things. Forcing him is not the answer, but women can’t be too casual about this either. Certain steps should be taken to get him to move the relationship forward, and these steps are outlined below.

Know What You Want

Don’t push a man to commit unless you are 100-percent sure it is what you want. Before you learn how to make him want you, make sure you are doing so for the right reasons. Women might assume they need to take the relationship to the next level simply because they have been together for a period of time. This step shouldn’t be taken just because it sounds logical. It should only be done when you really want to be together.

Furthermore, don’t let others pressure you to move the relationship forward. Some women see their friends getting married and feel left out so they push the man they are with to commit. Others press him to commit because their parents or friends think doing so is the right move. These are never good reasons to push for commitment, as they often doom the relationship before it truly gets off the ground.

Maintain Independence

Couples need time apart to explore their own interests or do things with friends. Don’t overwhelm him or expect him to spend all of his free time with you. No man wants to be smothered, and a male won’t commit if he can’t have outside interests or time out with the guys. He must see you don’t need him to have a fulfilling life and want to be a part of your circle and commit in order to do so.

Be Honest and Open

Don’t assume your significant other will know what you are thinking. If the topic of commitment comes up in conversation, be open about what you see in your future. Women often say they want to remain single when they are really looking for a commitment. They believe this is what men want to hear and go along. In fact, they are setting themselves up for disappointment because the man might want commitment and look elsewhere to get it. However, if a man says he doesn’t want commitment at this time, take him at his word. Don’t assume you can change his mind, as that likely won’t happen.


A woman doesn’t have to be the most attractive person in the room to get a man to commit. Appearance is of importance in a relationship, but it’s not the only thing. Many men are attracted to a woman’s brain as well as she looks. Go for the entire package to make him want to move the relationship forward. In addition, once he does commit, don’t take this as a sign you can quit trying. Why look your best for others and not the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? You may never see the people you are trying to impress again, but you’ll spend your life with your significant other. Continue to find ways to attract him to make him want to stick around.

Women need to understand that a lack of self-confidence is a major turnoff for men. Don’t allow your insecurities to overtake the relationship. No man wants to feel as if he has to spend every minute complimenting his significant other to keep her happy. Be comfortable with yourself and he’ll want to spend more time with you.

Allow Him to Be Himself

Men are taught from a young age that they must be strong and tough. As a result, they hide parts of themselves from women they find attractive. If you truly want a man to commit, allow him to be himself at all times. Inspire him to show his feelings and express himself in ways that make him feel confident. Women who do so find they have a partner for life. Men want to feel respected and admired by those they love. Show him that he is special and cannot be replaced because he is more likely to stick around when you do.

Look to the Future

For a man to commit to a woman fully, they have to share the same vision and values. It’s hard to stay with someone who has a completely different belief system. This doesn’t mean a couple has to agree on everything, but the core values are of great importance. Look twenty, thirty, or forty years into the future. Can you see him beside you as your children graduate from high school, as the grandkids play in the yard, and as you are in a nursing home together? If the answer is no, you aren’t ready to commit. He needs to do the same. If you aren’t the person that he can see himself spending his entire life with, commitment won’t be possible. It could turn into a relationship that lasts for months or years, but it isn’t a lifetime partnership.

Inspire Him

Life can become boring. Couples get into a rut and just go through the motions, and this spells doom for the relationship. Take the time to learn his dreams and inspire him to make them a reality. This is something a couple needs to continue to do as the relationship goes forward. The wedding is only the beginning.

The hard work actually occurs after the honeymoon, as day-to-day routines prevent couples from connecting as they did when they were just dating. To make him commit for life, you need to make him a priority. This is true even when work gets in the way, kids come along and need attention, and life moves forward. Spend time talking about his hopes and dreams and help him make them happen. He should do the same for you, so keep this in mind as you move through life.

Women and men alike need to recognize that a committed relationship takes work. Simply because you become a couple, get engaged, or get married doesn’t mean you can stop trying. Commitment requires work on the part of both parties. If one partner slacks off, the other needs to make up for their lack of effort. When there is give and take in the relationship, it works. Keep this in mind when choosing a man to commit to for great results.