Social Relaxation: What Is CBD Shisha and How Can It Help You Feel Better?

Social Relaxation: What Is CBD Shisha and How Can It Help You Feel Better?

CBD is quickly gaining steam these days. It’s the subject of countless medical studies and shows a great deal of promise in treating various conditions. This herbal remedy that dates back more than 5,000 years faded from the spotlight for quite some time, but it has recently returned to the mainstream. Numerous variations exist, each of which has its own distinct set of traits and benefits. At the same time, people enjoy CBD’s effects in several ways. You’ll find smokables, edibles, oils, topicals, pills, and tinctures to name the most common.

Straying from the Conventional Norm

Shisha is yet another form of CBD that has skyrocketed to fame. Companies like Flora CBD have developed a wide range of shisha products and flavor variations to help foster this growing phenomenon. While it’s getting an entirely new level of attention in the modern world, this alternative actually has quite a lengthy history.

In fact, shisha was first created in India during the 1400s. At that time, the country’s rapidly growing glass industry gave rise to the hookah, and shisha arose as the substance smoked in the beautiful, artistically handmade waterpipes that began to take the world by storm. It’s also interesting to point out that the hookah is the predecessor of modern-day vape pens and mods.

What Is CBD Shisha?

CBD shisha is an herbal blend of smokable substances designed to be used with a hookah. Shisha’s exact composition varies widely with each developer having its own unique recipes. For the most part, though, it’s made of different tea, fruit, or hemp leaves. Natural sweeteners, such as sugar cane, molasses, and honey are added to the mix, and various herbs and other materials help give the blends extra flavor. Glycerin is incorporated as well to enhance the taste and create more satisfying smoke clouds.

Of course, these blends are also infused with CBD. In most cases, the herbs and other components put into each individual blend are chosen based on the flavor and terpene profile of the strain of cannabis or hemp being used. This technique heightens the flavor and ramps up the benefits of the CBD. All these ingredients come together to provide a fulfilling hookah experience that can provide numerous positive effects.

How Is CBD Shisha Different Than Traditional Shisha?

Traditionally, shisha is made of tobacco, the same plant found in cigarettes. Though extra flavors are sometimes added, standard shisha contains many of the harsh chemicals that are added to cigarettes as well. Reports show cigarette smoke exposes people to more than 7,000 chemicals. Some of these are the same substances found in embalming fluid, rocket fuel, automotive exhaust, nail polish remover, and rat poison among other products you probably wouldn’t want to put into your body. Traditional shisha is also subject to the same federal and FDA regulations as other tobacco products.

CBD shisha doesn’t contain tobacco, so it doesn’t expose hookah aficionados to those potentially dangerous and addictive substances in cigarettes, like nicotine. Opinions vary on whether CBD is addictive, but most studies lead experts to believe it’s not. At the same time, many people report experiencing negative side effects when using conventional shisha, such as dizziness, lightheadedness, and nausea. CBD shisha doesn’t cause those unpleasant reactions. On top of all that, CBD shisha offers all the widely acclaimed benefits of cannabidiol.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Shisha?

CBD can offer a wide range of potential benefits according to ongoing research. This chemical and its components interact with receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system to produce several positive effects. CBD’s list of potential applications is continually growing. One of its well-known uses is the treatment of seizure disorders. Just a couple of years ago, the FDA approved a CBD-based prescription medication called Epidiolex for such conditions. That’s only the beginning.

Pain Relief

Numerous studies and trials have shown that CBD shisha and other products containing this compound can be effective for relieving different types of pain. These range from migraines and fibromyalgia to neuropathy and back injuries. While the jury is still out on exactly how CBD curbs pain, experts generally believe it either prevents the body’s natural pain-relieving compounds from being broken down or binds with receptors in the nervous system to block pain.


Several inflammatory conditions cause chronic pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. Certain types of inflammation can have a negative impact on other areas of the body as well. CBD has been found to ease inflammation and its diverse effects. Inflammatory conditions now being treated with CBD include arthritis, rheumatism, IBD, and asthma, to name a few. It’s also helpful for clearing up inflammation-related skin issues, like acne, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Social Relaxation: What Is CBD Shisha and How Can It Help You Feel Better?


As a sedative, CBD promotes relaxation. Though experts tout its potential for treating insomnia, the calming effects run much deeper than that. It can aid in relieving muscle tension and spasms. It’s also becoming a popular tool in the battle against anxiety. In a recent study, participants who feared public speaking were given doses of CBD before going on stage. They experienced significantly reduced anxiety levels leading up to the event and while speaking.

CBD may also alleviate social anxiety. An estimated 15 million Americans reportedly suffer from social anxiety, though psychologists believe the actual number is much higher because the majority of cases go unreported. In quite a few trials, people living with this condition who consumed CBD before entering into social situations felt more relaxed and at ease with other people. They also experienced a more positive self-image both during socialization and after the fact.

All Things Considered

Experts note products containing broad-spectrum CBD tend to offer greater effectiveness. This type of CBD is left in its natural form with all its accompanying terpenes and other compounds intact except for THC. In contrast, CBD isolate is extracted from the cannabis plant without any other compounds, so it doesn’t provide the same range of benefits.

CBD shisha has become extremely popular due to its ability to deliver numerous benefits without the dangers and negative effects of traditional, tobacco-based alternatives. Several unique blends and flavors are available. Varieties containing different CBD types and concentrations are on the market as well. If you’re looking for relief from social anxiety, pain, and other issues, CBD shisha may be the solution.

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