Simple Tricks to Get Better Cell Phone Reception

Simple Tricks to Get Better Cell Phone Reception

There are bound to be times when your cell phone reception just won’t be up to scratch. Due to the dependency of our modern lifestyles to our phones, this can be quite a hassle. Many people would prefer this predicament to be dealt with as soon and as easily as possible. Fortunately, there are indeed simple tricks that anybody can do to ensure a much better cell phone reception. Listed below are a few things you may want to try out:

Simple Tricks to Get Better Cell Phone Reception

Remove Certain Obstructions

A simple way  to improve cell reception would be to check if there’s anything that’s physically obstructing the signal that goes back and forth between your phone and the phone tower. You may have noticed people walking towards windows or going outside when their reception lowers. This is to make sure there’s less interference. Main causes of poor signal tend to be external things such as trees, metal structures, metal objects, and the like. Try to reduce any interior clutter in your area that may contribute to your inferior cell reception.


Reduce the Distance Between the Nearest Cell Phone Tower

Chances are, you may be a little too far away from a cell phone tower. If this is the case, locate the nearest one and strive to get closer to it. You don’t have to drive all the way to it just to achieve a closer proximity. Simply walk towards the general direction of the tower and you may discover your luck – and your reception – improve.


Install Boosters

You may also opt to try actual boosters in the event that you can’t afford to get closer or remove anything within your area. The search for the perfect signal booster system doesn’t have to be difficult either; there are many wonderful choices found online or in your local stores. Once you’ve purchased one, carefully place it somewhere that allows you to receive a much better signal. It may not make your reception flawless, but you will see positive changes that you’ll no doubt appreciate greatly.


Keep Your Phone’s Battery Full

This is one of the easiest things you can do to make sure your signal is as strong as it possibly can. When phones run low on battery, it may not perform to the best of its abilities and this includes finding proper signal. Check your phone and turn off anything that’s unnecessarily sapping it of juice. Things like Bluetooth shouldn’t be indefinitely kept on. Adjusting the screen’s brightness can also slow down the battery’s loss of life.


Make Sure the Phone Antenna Isn’t Blocked

You may not be aware of it, but modern phones still have antennas. They’re just not as obvious as previous models. Designed to be tucked inside phones, the reasons are strictly aesthetic, but this can lead to an accidental blockage, making the receiving of signal much more difficult. To prevent blocking your phone’s antenna, don’t hold your phone sideways. Make sure it’s upright and you should see an improvement.

These are just a few things that you can do to make sure you’ve got the best chances of receiving the right amount of cellphone coverage. If you do things right, there shouldn’t be much to worry about and you’ll be back to using your phone to its full capacity in absolutely no time at all.


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