Signs It’s Time To Replace The Windows

Signs It’s Time To Replace The Windows

You’re not alone if you’ve been thinking about replacing the old windows in your home. There is a high chance that the windows in your home have never been replaced. This is expected, especially if you bought an old home. There may be some glaring signs that the windows need to be replaced but you have been avoiding them hoping that the problem will magically disappear. Procrastination can lead to serious issues down the line. It will not be safe to live in a house with old windows as thieves can use them as vulnerable entry points. Sometimes it will not be that easy to tell if the windows in your home need replacing.

Worn Out Windows

Warping or rotting is a warning sign that your windows need to be replaced immediately. Wooden window frames are usually more challenging to maintain and they might not last as long as steel frames. They look great when they’ve just been installed and could last for a long time when properly maintained. The problem will start when there is rot. It can be hard to keep it under control if it is discovered when it is too late. This could mean replacing the frame and the windows altogether. Poor quality UPVC windows could also become discolored over time and they will look unsightly on your property.

Signs It’s Time To Replace The Windows

High Energy Bills

When you start getting high energy bills, the windows could be the problem. That is why you should start looking for Replacement Windows in Cookeville once you start noticing the sudden spike in the electric bill, especially if your HVAC system is running at optimum capacity without any problems. Old or faulty windows will have a significant impact on the insulation of the home. They will lose a lot of energy and a lot more electricity will be needed to heat and cool the home. You can know if the problem is the windows by standing next to them. If it feels cooler than the rest of the home then it means that the window insulation is the problem. You should also look for gaps in the frame as those are the potential areas for heat loss.

Windows are Difficult to Open

This is one of the obvious signs that windows need to be replaced. Windows are also the escape routes in case of an emergency. Having problems with opening and closing them should be a cause of concern. There are several reasons why you could be experiencing problems with a window opening or closing. It could be that it was painted shut. Even though this might have helped with decorating, the same can’t be said when it comes to functionality. Contraction is another common cause of shut windows and it usually has to do with the frame. The problem can also be caused by a structural issue, as the foundation of the home might have shifted.

Windows Don’t Soundproof the Home

There is no reason why outside noise should be getting into your home. Modern windows are specifically designed to be soundproof. This makes a significant impact on your quality of life. If you clearly hear noises from outside when the windows are shut, you might want to think about replacements.

Drafty Windows

You can expect an increase in energy bills by up to 25% if you have drafty windows. This will be a sign that you need to invest in new windows as you will end up paying a lot more in high electricity costs in the long run. Drafts usually occur when the windows don’t shut properly. It could also come about as a result of a faulty lock mechanism.

Leaking Windows

This could happen all at once for all the windows in your home. There is a high chance that the windows have outlived their lifespan and there will be no other option but a complete overhaul. Windows are supposed to let in light into your home and not the elements. Moisture can lead to the growth of mold which will be a health hazard for the inhabitants of the home. It will also not be safe when there is a storm.

To sum it up, you shouldn’t wait until the signs are too obvious before you start thinking about window replacement. You could end up spending a lot more on the replacements compared to dealing with the problem as soon as you notice it. Make sure you’re getting the right company for the job.




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