Shamrock Wreath is the perfect way to celebrate Saint Patricks Day

Shamrock Wreath

Shamrock Wreath
Shamrock Wreath

Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and this month we are trying to get in some fun activities. But I don’t like to spend a lot of money on holiday decorations because I usually can’t find last year’s crafts. So each year I try to use items I have at home coupled with cheap one dollar items from my local Dollar store or dollar bins. That way when the holiday is over I can put it away or donate it and move onto the next holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Wreath

Supplies needed:
– Shamrocks
– Craft glue
– Ribbon, twine, yarn, or burlap for hanging

Shamrocks for wreath

1. Begin by arranging the shamrocks in the shape you wish for the wreath to be. Do not start applying glue yet, just arrange it so you have an idea of how you wish to glue it. You could even pick up a wreath at your local store or even a wire hoop to help make it sturdier.
2. Once the shape is to your liking, lift the edges and apply glue underneath. Begin pressing the shamrocks together so they join and link into place. If you are more talented you could make it into a shamrock shape, but I was doing well to get the circle.
3. Continue the process until all of the shamrocks are glued together. Allow to dry.
4. Take a piece of ribbon, twine, or yarn and loop it. Add a dab of glue and paste it underneath the wreath. Or, you can look it through the wreath and not add glue. The choice is yours.

Your St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Wreath is now ready to be enjoyed! Hang it on the door, wall, or use it as a centerpiece either way it will help you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Shamrock Wreath

What is your favorite thing about St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick's Day

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  1. I love it! Easy and colorful!

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