Scarlett Johansson Interview

Scarlett Johansson Interview

Scarlett Johansson Interview

Scarlett Johansson Interview

 Meeting Scarlett Johansson was a great way to spend some time getting to know some about the Black Widow herself. Because Kevin Feige is a fan of the material as well as the producer and president of Marvel he helped make an excellent movie! He helps drive Marvel to reach new heights as well as bringing comics back to life and of course to the big screen. After talking to Scarlett Johansson  I’m hoping for a Black Widow movie in the future because it was simply amazing!


She is one of the best actresses we have currently on the big screen but one of the best things is that she is a female superhero! Because she loves playing her it is a challenge to use her brain, wit and of course her feminine wiles to get the job done. Because Scarlett Johansson has been part of a series of movies she has discovered a lot about her character as well as the fans. She thinks it is fun doing that but the having the character mature but as well as what her version of Natasha should be. She is the oldest female superhero which I didn’t realize until this wonderful interview.


Natasha has made lots of connections, love interests, failures and been good as well as bad but it has to reveal the big story in the end. Scarlett thinks of them as Easter Eggs for fans! Natasha has a romantic side but has been damaged in the early stages but has finally realized not to care much about people because she didn’t want to hurt people that she loved the most. Which is something that we can relate to even in the real world.


Because Heidi Moneymaker is her “stunt girlfriend” they have created a great fighting style that you can see throughout each movie they have a great relationship which allows them to work so closely together. Scarlett described their fighting style as “ it’s badass but it’s kind of sexy. It’s a little bit like, uh, flirtatious, I guess, the style. And it’s balletic giving a kind of a little, a nod to her past gymnastics. Uh, that’s a bit of a nod to Heidi’s past, kind of quality to it. And of course the Muay Thai and whatever else she would have learned with her kind of global experience. And, uh, you know, in- in Iron Man, the fight sequences were really, uh, pretty, um, fantastic, you know.”

It actually made it a lot easier for me, um, because, you know, first of all the crazy acrobatic stuff that you see I start and finish, and then Heidi does ridiculous things with her body that I could never do. Even if it was my job. Um, she’s amazing. And, uh, deserves all- you know, a lot, a lot, most, most of the credit. A very brave and very inspiring person. Um, and, uh, you know, but I, I just basically wound myself trying to emulate whatever she does.

The Black Widow costume is a comfortable costume to wear and probably the most comfortable of the superhero suits because it is straight forward. Scarlett said that it is kind of like a wet suit, one piece and that it is totally empowering. Because once you have the belt, gloves, bracelets, guns and boots in place you look great kind of bad ass! She has grown to love her costume as well as her character but the costume embraces her and she is proud to wear it.

Be sure you head out to your local theater to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier this weekend!!! It comes to the big screen on 4/4/14 and I can’t wait to watch it again!!

Here is Scarlett Johansson with her new bff’s, or our proof picture that it really happened. Either way you look at it, it is a great memory and she is the perfect Natasha for the movie!!

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