RealEats Gourmet Food Delivered Fresh to You

RealEats Gourmet Food Delivered Fresh to You

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RealEats Gourmet Food Delivered Fresh to You

Last September, I went to a retreat and was told about RealEats and was so very thrilled to hear about it. Anne told us great things about the meal delivery service, and I was thrilled to try it. I mean, anything that can get me in and out of the kitchen in under 10 minutes has to be worth investigating right?

Right! After another trip, I was finally able to sit down and work. So I got ready to order my shipment of RealEats and was a little disappointed to read the following statement.

Because RealEats meals are delivered fresh, not frozen, shipping is currently limited to the following states: CT, DE, IL, IN, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, RI, SC, TN, VT, VA and WV. I mean I totally get it, and I understand why they can’t ship them even farther than they do, but here’s the cliff notes version of why YOU need to try them.

Real Eats delivers gourmet foods right to your door!
  • It’s a meal delivery service that delivers REAL Food!
  • It’s ready in 6 minutes (Hello easy weeknight meals!)
  • It’s cheaper than dining out all of the time!
  • They have breakfast, lunch and dinner covered!
  • Farm-to-Table Seasonal American Menu

So, after a year, I thought it was time to revisit Real Eats and see what changes they have made, or if I could order yet. Sadly, the answer I found is no, I still can’t order from them, but OH MY GOODNESS there food looks even better than I remember. According to their websites FAQ They are still very much just on the East coast.

Because RealEats meals are delivered fresh, not frozen, shipping is currently limited to the following states: CT, DE, IL, IN, KY, ME, MD, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OH, PA, RI, SC, TN, VT, VA and WV. Again, sending fresh food all of the way to me, would be a challenge, but I want to encourage YOU to give them a try if you live in their service area.

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About RealEats

RealEats is a weekly subscription that helps you eat healthy, fresh meals in six minutes. Each week, we deliver a thermally insulated box to your door that contains meals sealed inside BPA-free, plasticizer, and phthalate-free plastic pouches, the same quality used by high-end gourmet restaurants for “sous-vide” style cooking. By bringing a large pot of water to a gentle simmer, place pouches in the water and heat based on the time indicated on each menu item (generally six minutes for proteins and three minutes for sides, cold items are ready to eat right out of the bag).

Real food delivered

We chose the name RealEats to reflect what we believe to be the most important change in the lives of North Americans coming up in the next five years — a change away from processed, frozen food to natural, sustainably sourced real food and flavors. Big Food equals big on profits and small on quality, nutrition and ethics. That’s good for them, but not so much for our health or our planet. We think it’s important to get behind smaller independent farms (aka the little guy) because that’s where the real food is. So, we built our kitchen in upstate NY, right in the heart of the Finger Lakes agricultural region, and it’s here that we take pride in supporting farms and creating local jobs.

Michelin-star celebrity chef, Aliya LeeKong

RealEats resident Michelin-star celebrity chef, Aliya LeeKong, crafts insanely delicious recipes, and hand-picks only the freshest, most nutritious, never-processed ingredients. Then our amazing culinary team transforms them into mouthwatering fully prepared meals that we vacuum-pack and deliver to your home where they stay naturally fresh in the fridge for an entire week.

All you’ll need to do is reach into your fridge, place the meal pouches into a pot of boiling water or simply open the packs, plate, and microwave. Either way, you get healthy deliciousness in six minutes or less!

So, if you are an east coaster, consider trying this amazing meal delivery service. I promise your entire family will love all of the delicious, yummy foods they have to offer. Plus, you can focus on spending more quality time together and get out of the kitchen sooner, so what do you have to lose?

Order Real Eats today!

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