Quick Cleaning Tips

Quick Cleaning Tips

Cleaning our home can sometimes feel like a major burden. Right? It’s like everything is calling your name from the dishes to the kids’ rooms. Well, you don’t need to live in a stressed out cleaning frenzy any longer, here are some quick cleaning tips to help you along. But my biggest tip is to splurge on something you don’t think you need. YES, you read that right. Brady bought me a Roomba as a Christmas present and at first I thought he had lost his mind. I wasn’t happy about it even a little bit. BUT with that being said, I would be lost without my Roomba because I love having time to do other things while it runs.

So now when the Roomba turns on I start doing my other household items like laundry, dusting, picking up etc. We have been using it for about a week and have already noticed that the house is staying cleaner longer. The clutter is minimal because we have been purging, and the amount of “deep” cleaning I’ve had time to do is fantastic. While I realize it is a hefty price, I promise it will save you time in the long run. But here are a few tips that I use to quick clean throughout my day.

Just 15 Minutes

What do I mean, “just 15 minutes?” Take 15 minutes of your time and spend it cleaning one area of your house. I know I get more done when I’m focused, then when I’m not. I love spending 15 minutes cleaning one room because I get it done so much faster. I think the majority of my “cleaning” doesn’t get done because I get too distracted trying to clean 100 things at once.

Clutter Catching

This is another favorite way of cleaning my home as fast as possible. I spend a few minutes each day de-cluttering. It’s amazing how quickly clutter can get into our homes, isn’t it? I love getting rid of clutter because it’s like a stress reliever for me. Try clutter catching your house to see how stress relieved you quickly become.

Move On

Another quick cleaning tip that I like to implement is “moving on.” If a certain part of my cleaning gets too overwhelming, I move onto something else. I now know that I need more than 15 minutes to clean this specific area. Moving on makes sure I don’t get stressed out and it also ensures I know to come back later when I have more time.

Cleaning Calendar

Something that has helped me over time is creating a cleaning calendar. I have a list of when I clean what, so that I know everything gets cleaned eventually. I can take a quick look at the calendar and see “okay, vacuuming is on the schedule today.” And I don’t have to worry about folding the laundry because I know that will get done the next day. A “cleaning calendar” really helps me to stay focused more than ever before. I also have been known to call in a cleaner from time to time!

I hope these quick cleaning tips help you stay focused on your cleaning goals this year. Maybe cleaning doesn’t need to feel like such a burden anymore and with each thing you pitch you are making room for more memories. And the memories is what is really important in the end.

Quick Cleaning Tips


5 thoughts on “Quick Cleaning Tips”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I liked your idea of cleaning calendar, this will help you remember the things that are left and things that are cleaned. This is something different, enjoyed reading the post.

  2. I have recently adopted a cleaning calendar. I first did a deep clean of my home, and then set up certain tasks on certain days. Cleaning goes faster, everything gets done, and my home looks the best it has in a long time. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

  3. I like the idea of buying something that is not needed to help. I spend at least 10 minutes a day vacuuming the house, and that’s not even every room. If i had a Roomba to take care of that, I could spend more time cleaning other things!

  4. I wish somebody would buy me a roomba! Not only would it be damn useful as my house is all wooden floors, but after having seen so many YouTube videos I’d just have to try putting my cat on it lol 🙂

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