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Photographer Gift Guide Ideas for Your Photographer

I received some products to add to this guide, free of charge, however, as always opinions are 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links. If these links are clicked, I may receive a small compensation. Regardless of these affiliations with these companies, my opinions are always 100% my own.

Photographer Gift Guide

The older I get the more I enjoy the simple things in life meaning I love family time, food and lots of fun things. But it wasn’t until about 4 months ago I realized I really have a passion for photography. While I’m no Ansel Adams, I’m learning, teaching, and doing more and more photography things each day. That’s why I decided to bring to you the Photographer Gift Guide to usher in the holiday season.

SnapIt Boards

Give the gift that will allow your photographer to bring their photography to a new level. This new product is a total game-changer for me, plus they are easy to use! SnapIt Boards are the easy, affordable solution in capturing incredible content. Each board is printed at 300 dpi for a photorealistic reproduction of the original background image. Plus they are high quality and a must-have staple. I want to complete my collection and have all of the boards in my photograph arsenal.

Great gift ideas made with Cricut Machine

Available at as well as their own personal website. Here’s just a few reasons why I LOVE them:

They’re durable. No photographer wants to worry about thin, rippable paper or wrinkled fabric sheets when it comes to staging the perfect flat lay. SnapIt Boards provide you with a trusted thickness that’s not easy to damage made with a quarter-inch thick PVC foam.

They come with an impeccable finish. SnapIt Boards don’t stain or bubble. For those photoshoots that require food and beverages, just wipe them off if spills and messes occur.

Capture photos with backgrounds a normal backdrop can’t provide. Finishes like Alabaster and Rustic Rainbow add sophisticated touches to your content. Save yourself the time and investment scouting out unique backgrounds. Snapit boards are non-reflective, non-glare and satin-finished.

Snapit Boards come in one size: 26 inches by 20 inches. Create, snap and share your best with the secret to a perfect backdrop.

SnapIt Boards

My Charge Camping Lumen Light

Being a professional or amateur photographer demands that you remain up to date with the latest gadgets and accessories, especially items that solve common issues that can occur on shoots. myCharge Power Lumens is a portable charger that can provide up to 5x extra battery life for smartphones and also doubles as a high-powered, LED light for those shoots that could use more light. The two-in-one charger provides light for up to 40 hours and features four levels of brightness as well as a convenient kickstand that can help direct the light where you need it the most. It makes the perfect addition to the pile of gifts under the tree or even a stocking stuffer, either way, you go, it’s a must!

myCharge Camping Lantern Power Bank

Fracture Glass Prints

As an Empty Nesters I get to cherish the memories of years gone by of Elizabeth’s school years. But being a Grandma is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. Fracture is the perfect way to capture those memories, all you have to do is snap that photo, upload it to, select your preferred size, click and wait for that perfect memory to be printed directly onto durable glass and shipped to you in a cool, eco-friendly box. Mine arrived in less than a week and is the perfect addition to our daughter’s wall. The Fracture glass prints are unlike any traditional paper print, canvas or digital frame. The effect is stunning, sleek, unique and ready to hang on the wall with one simple mounting screw that’s included.

Perfect photo gift ideas


I remember having these as a kid and I would stare at each picture for hours on end. While today’s kids prefer their electronics, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and enjoy the simpler things in life. As a photographer myself, I know I have lots and lots of pictures that no one sees, but with the RetroViewer we can step back in time and reminisce. While I’m having a hard time deciding on which real to make first, I know that each reel will hold 7 of your photos with 3D captions if you wish & 1 photo in the center circle of the reel. I have a plethora to choose from, but I love that a reel is only $14.95 so it will be a fun way to showcase some of our grandson’s pictures through the years.

RetroViewer Makes the perfect gift for any photographer

Making a reel is as easy as 1-2-3. You can design and order your own custom reels, place your order and wait for it to arrive usually within a week! Talk about a gift-giving dream come true, plus it is the perfect way to showcase a photographer’s hard work!

Give this cool Retro Photo Gift for your Shutterbug!
Black Back Loader DSLR Backpack

Hex Brand Backpack

HEX, award-winning fashion accessory brand, today announced the innovative new Glacier Series DSLR Bags. The collection consists of four new DSLR bags designed to help you tackle your next shoot or urban adventure.

The Back Loader Backpack is constructed with premium, water-resistant, premium materials. It features a padded and fleece-lined multi-use main compartment with configurable and removable partitions to store all of your camera gear, with 3 mesh and velcro pockets on the facing side for additional accessory storage. A top zipper provides quick and easy access to your camera without the need to open the main compartment. Need more gift ideas? Check out our Holiday Gift Guide!

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.–Ansel Adams

Stocking Stuffer Fun!

TUSHY is a company based in Williamsburg that creates modern bidet attachments that are saving the world from deforestation one butt at a time. TUSHY sells bidets that improve cleanliness, environmental sustainability, and only cost $79. Plus they have a Tushy Travel that makes the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for a Photographer!
Give the gift of a clean Tushy this holiday season

What other gifts do you think a Photographer Gift Guide need?

Photographer Gift Guide