Perfect Packing Traveling Light Can Make all the Difference

Perfect Packing: Traveling Light Can Make All the Difference

Let’s be real – traveling is a headache. The actual getting from one place to another. There’s a lot of downtime between flights or destinations. During the hurry-up-and-wait phase, you’ll likely be carrying around your suitcase.

Sure, many people rely on suitcases with wheels that make them easier to maneuver. But the wheels do nothing for the weight of the bag. Not only can traveling light save you from straining your back, it can save you from straining your wallet.

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You Can’t Bring It All With You

The most common mistake people make when traveling is overpacking. Are you really going to change your shirt twenty times in a five-day period? Everyone loves the comfort of home, but you can’t bring your entire house with you.

Trust us, the travel industry has your comfort at the forefront of their minds. If you’ve forgotten to pack something, they likely have it or know how to get it. Of course, if you’re planning on backpacking, or camping in the wilderness, your packing priorities shift slightly.

8 Reasons Why You Should Pack Light

1. You’ll gain easier access if you need something from your bag while traveling. Say you’re rushing through an airport for your connection but you need your ticket from your bag. Packing light makes it easier to find things quickly.

2. It’s less likely you’ll hit someone with your bag or be in the way. Travel is close quarters. You’ve invariably been hit by someone’s luggage. Keeping your bag light is a courtesy to other travelers who may find themselves on the wrong end of your bag.

3. Lighter bags are easier to carry the distance. At some point in your travels, you’ll have to lift your luggage. Having a light bag makes it easier to carry long, or even short, distances.

4. If you’re flying, lighter bags can fit in the carry-on compartment. Many airlines are now strictly enforcing weight and size dimensions for carry-on bags. Packing light can help you skip the baggage claim entirely.

5. You’ll have extra space for all the things you buy. What’s traveling without a few souvenirs? It won’t be a memorable one if you can’t fit your memorabilia in your luggage to take home.

6. It’s easier to pack and repack. At some point in your trip, you’ll have to repack your back for the flight home. Packing light makes this a much easier task.

7. Your back and feet won’t hurt as much. Heavy lifting is bad for your back. If your suitcase is too heavy, you run the risk of injuring yourself or an airline bag attendant.

8. You’ll save money on storage fees. You may think you’re saving money on baggage fees by overstuffing your suitcase. But what if you have to store your bag at your hotel? Some hotels charge by the weight, not by the number of bags.

Lighten Your Load By Packing Only the Essentials

When you’re packing for travel, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” for each item. If you’re serious about packing light, the answer will be “No.”

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