Newlyweds Kitchen Essentials

Newlyweds Kitchen Essentials

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Newlyweds Kitchen Essentials

Getting a wedding present nowadays is tough because gone are the traditional weddings. Most couples now live with each other prior to getting engaged or even married. While sometimes I think going back to the traditional ways would be nice I know it won’t happen for most of society. Our daughter and her fiance have lived together for almost two years. But are getting married in September and we have had to get creative with our gift giving ideas.


Newlyweds Kitchen Essentials


They both work hard, buy things they want or need on a regular basis and even splurge once and while. Not to mention both sets of parents offer to “help” so that they are successful. They are both head over heels in love and I hope that they are building a relationship that will last until they are both old and gray. But I’ve asked her repeatedly what they “need” and get the same answer each time, we don’t need anything we have it all..YIKES! So I made her do a couple registries for people to purchase things from but even that list is minimal. So I knew that I would have to get creative when it came to my gift giving.

Keeping in mind that their generation is more of a minimalist generation I tried to pick items that were functional, fun and unique. So here is my must have for newlyweds (or at least my soon to be newlyweds!)


Capresso Iced Tea Maker– This is an essential because they love their sweet tea. I love that it is a gorgeous design and you can brew a refreshing pitcher of iced tea at the touch of a button. Then, you can serve iced tea can be served and stored in the beautiful glass pitcher.

Tahiti Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Shakers- I know, everyone has them already (which is true) but I wanted them to have a nice set that would last them for years to come. And I know that Liz is like her mom and love freshly ground pepper, so this was a must add to their Kitchen Essentials. So I decided to get them this modern and sleek design from Peugeot-Saveurs. I chose the black and white set because it will match their kitchen perfectly and will also work when and if they change their kitchen decorations.

Pocket Makers

Next up came a few fun Baking Items that they would use for years to come but allow them to save money at the same time. The pocket making set was a must because both Austin and Liz love pizza rolls, and who doesn’t love that they are in 3 fun shapes?

Cookie and Cake Decorating Set

I also added in a decorating set which will allow her to decorate her cookies, cakes and of course cupcakes easily and make them pretty too. I didn’t have anything like this is my kitchen until I was in my late 30s! So to be sure she had all she would ever need I also added in the Frosting Filler Deco Set which will be easy to squeeze and makes decorating a breeze.

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