Muppets Bears and More on my next LA Trip

Muppets Bears and More on my next LA Trip

Muppets Bears and More on my next LA Trip!!

Muppets Bears and More on my next LA Trip

Muppets Bears and More on my next LA Trip!! I’m heading out West for a great trip to Los Angeles with Disney for a full schedule of activities and of course some great Disney movies! I will enjoy a fun filled trip to Sunny Los Angeles with 24 other bloggers including Stefanie from Making of a Mom and Melanie from The Giveaway Bandit!! Since we all will fly out of Kansas City, Missouri I’m sure our trip will start off will a bang!

Muppets Most Wanted Big Game Clip

The trip will be held March 9-15, 2014 and while there we will attend the Red Carpet Premier of the movie “The Muppets Most Wanted.” But we also get to interview Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and of course additional cast as well as filmmakers of the movie! Because I grew up watching The Muppets, this out to be a fabulous interview!! I’m secretly hoping to at least catch a glimpse of Tina Fey!!

The Pirate Fairy

We will also get to screen Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier that is opening in theaters on 4/4 and interview some of the cast members for this great film as well. But I think the one that I most excited about is getting to watch The Pirate Fairy, my nieces will all be very jealous of that one I am sure! But Tinkerbell has always been one of my all time favorite Disney Characters, so I’m thinking I need to help spread the pixie dust!

Disneynature Bears Preview A Must Watch!!

Then as if that wasn’t enough we also get to check out Disneynature’s Bears that is opening in theaters on 4/18 as well as visit the Los Angeles Zoo!! Of course we will also get to visit the Disney Studio’s Lot which is always an amazing time. All of which really left me speechless for lack of better terms to describe it. I have been beside myself with giddiness, thrilled with plans of going back and just plain ecstatic.


Then, I found out that ABC wanted us to stay on for another day to cover some events for them. Cue, the drum roll please because I couldn’t believe what we were going to get to do while we are with them. They are extending our trip another day for the opportunity I never dreamed that I would have, but was on my bucket list. We are going to their Los Angeles studio where both GREY’S ANATOMY and GENERAL HOSPITAL (HUGE GH FAN) both tape!! We will get to meet and greet with select cast members, (I’m thinking Dante, Sonny,  Robin Scorpio or Alexis or  would be my favorites, but everyone else would be equally exciting!!)  We will also get some behind-the-scenes glimpse of production, and more!

Jessica Capshaw (“Dr. Arizona Robbins”) is looking forward to being your host for your tour of the GREY’S set. Then we will have the opportunity to meet with some of the Moms of ABC – both real-life and TV moms (and maybe some dads too!) from our most popular shows and new shows. *How cool is all of this?? But it doesn’t stop there, it continues into the night with some great activities including the ABC headquarters!!


We will attend two special screenings there and be introduced to their new shows by the executive producers for the shows Resurrection as well as Trophy Wife!! Which had my head spinning with excitement, because that is a fabulous day in and of itself, but we get to go back the next day for more!!

The next day we will visit the set of the show THE MIDDLE have a question answer session with the creators as well as the executive producers! As well as screen an upcoming episode and meet and greet available cast members. This show is quickly becoming one of my favorites because I can so relate to the story line and anyone with kids can relate to it. After The Middle we will then screen an upcoming special “junior” episode of  SHARK TANK, featuring kid entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to the Sharks!! 

Now, after all of that can you see why I was so elated? I am truly humbled and honored that both Disney and ABC want me to visit LA!! This is definitely going to be a once in a lifetime trip that I will enjoy for years to come!! So make sure you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you won’t miss an update while I’m gone.

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