5 Ways to Protect and Monitor Your Home While Traveling

5 Ways to Protect and Monitor Your Home While Traveling

5 Ways to Protect and Monitor Your Home While Traveling


There are many different things that you have to take into consideration when you are travelling away from home. Not only do you have to think about getting yourself organised for the trip but you also have to think about safety and security while you are away. Many people face concerns about the safety and security of their homes when they are travelling and it is important to consider the methods that you can use in order to protect your monitor your home while you are away.


There are a number of different methods that you can use to help both protect and monitor your home while you are travelling. By putting these methods into place you can ensure you have the peace of mind that you need while you are away and you can minimise on the chances of any untoward activity taking place at your property. Putting a variety of different methods into place before you travel will help to ensure you have maximum protection, which is something that is vital if you want to return to safe and secure home.

5 Ways to Protect and Monitor Your Home While Traveling

Some of the key methods you can use

You will find a range of simple yet very effective methods that you can use in order to provide necessary protection and security for your home while you are away. Using a combination of these will help to ensure you get the reassurance you need when you are travelling, which is important whether you are travelling for business or pleasure. Some of the key methods you need to consider include:

  • A good home alarm security system: Make sure your home is fitted with a high quality home security alarm system, as this will provide peace of mind not only when you are travelling but also at other times such as when you are out at work. You will find a wide range of system options available to suit different budgets and there are money-saving vouchers on OZCodes.com.au  which will enable you to save big on the cost of a high quality alarm system. In addition to getting peace of mind with the installation of an alarm system, you will usually also be able to benefit from lower premiums on your home insurance coverage.


  • Install timers: When you are away and the home is left empty, the last thing you want is for prospective burglars to be aware of this. One way in which you can fool them is to make them believe that there is someone home. An effective way of doing this is to fit timers onto electronics, which can easily help to make it look as though someone is home. You can get devices and timers that will do everything from switch lights on and off at certain times through to opening and drawing the curtain at your home so that it looks as though there is someone in throughout the time that you are away.


  • Ask your neighbours: Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the good old fashioned security system – your neighbours. As long as you get along with and trust your neighbours, make sure you provide them with details of your trip and contact details in case they need to get in touch. You can then ask them to keep an eye on the place and even pop in daily to check everything is okay and to make others aware that there is someone coming in and out of the property. If you don’t want to ask your neighbours to do this see whether a close friend of family member is able to do it for you instead.


  • Stop your mail: One simple and effective method that potential burglars use in order to determine whether someone is away is to see whether a post is built up by simply looking through the letter-box or a window. With this in mind, it is important to ensure you get your mail stopped while you are away or at least get your neighbour to gather it up for you and put it somewhere safe so that it is not left lying on the floor.


  • Set up cameras: You can also get cameras that you can set up around your home and then monitor remotely via your laptop or device. This will enable you to see what is going on at any given time of the day simply by accessing the system via your device. You can set up these cameras in as few or many rooms as you like so you have your own personal CCTV, which you can access while you are away for added peace of mind. If anything does appear to be amiss, you can then contact the relevant authorities or ask someone to go and check.


Another key point to bear in mind is that you should resist the temptation to advertise the fact that you are going away on social media, as this is something that can provide potential criminals with easy access to information relating when the property will be empty.

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