Mobile Phone Recycling Is Becoming A Part-Time Income

Mobile Phone Recycling Is Becoming A Part-Time Income

Mobile Phone Recycling Is Becoming A Part-Time Income

What do you do with your mobile phone after it breaks down? A considerable number of people tend to keep them at the bottom of the drawer while others sell it for parts. There is also a group that goes ahead and throw theirs in the trash before rewarding themselves with one of the latest mobile phone releases. According to statistics, 9 out of 10 people have mobile phones. This means that there are trillions of mobile phones being used across the world. The estimated time between purchasing and breaking a phone is approximately 10 weeks. The question is, where do all those mobile phones go?

The growth of mobile phone recycling business

Well, due to the statistics mentioned above, it is clear that there are so many phones going to waste. This has triggered the rise in the number of phone recycling industries which come to reduce the tons of phones being trashed. The business is projected to boom further given that there are so many mobile phone releases being made while older models are spoiling every day.

Mobile Phone Recycling Is Becoming A Part-Time Income

Benefits of phone recycling business

It is much easier to recycle your precious Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus than to throw it away. The warm feeling that you have, knowing that the phone you treasured so much is not going to waste is a benefit on its own. Other benefits include: 

The phone recycling companies prevent overusing natural resources to create new phones. This is because parts like plastics are put to good use.

The circuits on the phone are made of precious metals like copper, silver, and gold. By recycling your phone, you get to conserve these precious metals.

The recycling companies use other phone parts to produce energy. This means that the more phones are recycled, the more energy is produced to power more homes.

Phones contain some of the most hazardous materials. This means that if they are thrown away, they can lead to health problems. The good news is that recycling companies ensure that those materials are disposed of appropriately, thus preventing health problems.


Phone recycling companies prevent environmental pollution a great deal. When these phones are thrown or burn. Harmful materials such as arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and flame retardants are emitted into the environment. These materials end up polluting the environment making it unfit for human habitation. But when recycled, such cases are minimized.

 Since the introduction of the concept of phone recycling, millions of recycled phones have been shipped off to numerous recycling companies. The number of recycled phones continues to increase daily, given that people are noticing the importance of phone recycling. In 2014 alone, 41.8 million metric tons of e-waste materials were shipped to developing countries. It ended up creating a dumping problem. Thanks to phone recycling, such issues are bound not to occur again.

Why is the mobile phone industry becoming big business?

Given that so many phones being thrown every day. The phone recycling business is speculated to become big. If you take a close look at the operation, recycling is helping the production of energy from already existing materials. More materials to make circuitry that helps in the functioning of your Samsung Galaxy S8 plus are being produced. This means that the business is not going to slow down anytime soon. It will grow bigger and better in the coming years. From the information above, it is no doubt that recycling phones are one of the best ways to keep the environment safe. It is also a business that sees the transformation of waste to useful products. With phone recycling, everyone gets to win.