Mmm, Mmm Cannabutter_ How to Make Deliciously Rich CBD Butter From Scratch

Mmm, Mmm Cannabutter: How to Make Deliciously Rich CBD Butter From Scratch

It’s well known at this point that cannabidiol (CBD) can potentially relieve anxiety, depression, inflammation, pain, and sleep disorders.

Just as there are wide uses for CBD, there are also various ways to consume it. The most popular choice is in its oil form. You can expand its potential by creating a versatile butter from CBD oil.

Keep reading to find out more about CBD butter (including how to make it) so that you can add this health product to your diet.

Mmm, Mmm Cannabutter_ How to Make Deliciously Rich CBD Butter From Scratch

Why CBD Butter?

Amongst all other forms of consumption, CBD butter has the widest scope of uses. It’s fat infused with CBD oil.

Making food and edibles with CBD allows for slower release times and longer-lasting effects. This is an advantage over, say, smoking the cannabinoid. Smoking CBD buds or a vape pen may be faster-acting, but the effects wear off faster.

Additionally, most CBD oil is fat-soluble. This means that fat (i.e. butter) helps the CBD break down. If you’d prefer to take CBD oil under your tongue (i.e. sublingually), you may want to look into water-soluble oil, like describes.

Otherwise, you may want to look into making cannabutter for long-lasting, tasty results.

How to Make Cannabutter

If you’ve done a little research online, you may notice that cannabutter recipes all use the same ingredients in different amounts.

This shows that the process is quite simple and that you have leeway to experiment a bit to find what works for you. In general, this is what you’ll need to do to create a CBD butter that you can cook with, spread on food, or mix into beverages.

Gather Your Ingredients

Making CBD butter only requires three things: butter, CBD, and water.

While most recipes use unsalted dairy butter, you can use pretty much any fat so long as it’s high in omega-3s. Alternative options include vegan butter or coconut oil.

You’ll need to use a 2:1 ratio of butter to water. The water helps keep the butter and CBD from burning, which can destroy the cannabinoids and render the product useless.

As far as your CBD options go, you can choose full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD has all of the cannabinoids available in the hemp plant, including trace amounts of THC. Broad-spectrum includes all cannabinoids except for THC. CBD isolate is pure powdered or crystalline CBD without any other cannabinoids.

A cannabutter from CBD isolate may be the most potent option but most recipes call for oil.

CBD Dosage for Cannabutter

There’s no set dose for how much CBD a person should consume. It widely varies based on numerous personal factors including health history, weight, age, gender, and so on.

The common recommendation is to start with a low dosage (i.e. 5 or 10 milligrams) and work your way up slowly over time.

Regardless of whether you’re a new user or an experienced CBD connoisseur, you’ll want to determine how much CBD you’ll put into the butter for accurate dosing.

First, it’s helpful to understand the butter serving sizes. The typical serving size is about 1 tablespoon, meaning that there are roughly 8 servings in a stick of butter and 16 servings in a cup.

If you want to make about 2 cups of CBD butter, this means that you’ll have about 32 servings of it. Multiply 32 by the milligrams of CBD you want per dose and you have your total number of CBD to include in your recipe.

Making the Butter

While you can make cannabutter from CBD flower, it’s more common to use oil in the process. The key to making the perfect product is to use low heat over a long period.

This will ensure that you don’t burn it and that the butter has time to soak up all of the CBD goodness.

For the following recipes, we’ll assume that you want to make about 2 cups of cannabutter for all of your CBD needs.

Method 1: Stovetop

For easier melting, we recommend cutting the butter into smaller chunks so that it can begin the process more evenly.

Combine your 2 cups of unsalted butter, 1 cup of water, and the total amount of CBD you want to use in a saucepan.

Turn the stove on the lowest setting and get cooking. You’ll keep the concoction going for about 3 to 4 hours, occasionally stirring and making sure the mixture never comes to a boil.

As the water burns off, you’ll notice the butter becoming thicker over time (this is a good thing). When it gets towards the end of the process, prepare a clean container to store your goods in.

Pour the CBD butter into the container, put it in the fridge, and let it harden. That’s all there is to it. Be sure to keep your cannabutter in the fridge when you aren’t using it so that it will last longer.

Method 2: Slow Cooker

Another option for making CBD butter is to follow the stovetop instructions but in a slow cooker.

The process is the same. You combine the ingredients in the slow cooker, set it on low (somewhere around 155 degrees Fahrenheit), and let it hang out for 3 to 4 hours.

How to Use CBD Butter

You can pretty much use CBD butter for any recipe that calls for regular butter. That being said, you should be mindful of the dosage per serving and measure accordingly.

If you use a recipe that requires a lot of butter, you may want to use a little bit of CBD butter and fill in the rest with regular, non-cannabinoid fat.

It’s also important to note that CBD can’t withstand high heats. You should only put CBD butter into stovetop recipes if it cooks on low heat. Otherwise, you’ll want to simply add it at the end while the pan is still hot.

For oven recipes, use CBD butter at heats lower than 350 degrees Fahrenheit to preserve its integrity. Otherwise, the CBD could easily burn out of your food and it can be lost forever.

Another delicious and fun way to use cannabutter is to blend it into your morning tea of coffee. Add a little creamer, your dosage of CBD butter, and a touch of cinnamon in a blender for a foamy, mood-boosting way to start your morning.

Get Cooking

Now that you know making CBD butter is easy, you can whip yourself up a batch to use in just about anything. Make sure to give these ideas a try!

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