Minion Themed Party Ideas

Minion Themed Party Ideas

Minion Themed Party Ideas

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Minion Love

My years of throwing birthday parties for little kids is over but I enjoy helping others throw them for their kids. We partnered with Oriental Trading to throw Mason a Minion Themed Birthday Party in August and it was a hit. His love for his beloved Minions (especially Kevin) is adorable and of course he has to take him everywhere with him. So when it was time for his party him Mom knew it had to be Minions all of the way.

Here is a peek into our Minion Themed Party!

Minion Cupcakes

One of the things that I love about Oriental Trading is that they have everything you need to throw themed parties at reasonable prices. We were able to pick up lots of goodies for the party including this adorable tablecloth, cupcake holder and of course the Minion themed wrappers. Mason’s mom (Tamira) did a fantastic job decorating the cupcakes to look like minions with the help of yellow frosting, black, white and gray. But she didn’t stop there, she even made this cake. Isn’t she talented??

Minion Cake

Next up came the decorations, when you throw a party I’ve learned the hard way that less is usually more. But of course we bought several anyway. The Happy Birthday Banner dressed up the gift table and the door poster covered most of the “fireplace” and the Mylar balloons made it perfect for a backdrop to the gift table. On the bottom right you can see Mason enjoying one of his new presents, while mom and dad look on.

Minion Party

Centerpieces were as easy as 1-2-3..I had some yellow and black bubbles leftover from Liz’s Graduation Party so we used those and Minion themed party hats for centerpieces. The kids all loved blowing bubbles and having something to do while the adults visited or Mason opened presents. There were even a few adults sporting the minion hats, but I failed to snap a picture of that.


Then, came the snacks and party essentials, which turned out adorable as well. Because there were a few diabetics in attendance she put out some fruit as well as vegetables and used the Minion theme on plates and napkins. It turned out to the be an adorable second birthday party for Mason and all of the guests had a wonderful time. What is your favorite Minion idea that we featured?

Minion party

23 thoughts on “Minion Themed Party Ideas”

  1. That cake is so cute! I like the decorations too. My niece likes minions but hasnt asked for a minion party. Her last birthday party was Shopkins. My sister made a cake that was so cute. Thanks for the ideas 🙂

  2. This is the cutiest idea, my granddaughter would love this and it’s so easy to decorate the cupcakes. I think I could do the cake also. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Everything is just adorable. I have a grandson who would love this theme for his birthday. I love the Minion cake and cupcakes.

  4. Those Minion cupcakes are adorable! The topper really “tops” it off. Everything pulls together well with the blue plates and orange veggie dish. Great job!

  5. Oh Aid,these Minion,ideas are amazing! I have 3 birthdays coming up for my kids. I love the minion cake and cupcakes. Thanks for the ideas!

  6. Katherine McPherson

    I’m always looking for birthday ideas for my grandkids. This one is perfect! The cake looks really easy to make too. Thank you!

  7. I love all the decorations and the cake/cupcakes are adorable! I never think of Oriental Trading for parties but I will now!

  8. We just watched the Minion movie AGAIN last night! My kids would love all these party ideas! (and I love Oriental Trading)
    Visiting from Wonderful Wednesday Hop 😉

  9. My sister had a Minion themed birthday party last month for my nephew, and it was a blast. She had cupcakes and the table decorations. I really thought it was such a good idea for a birthday party.

  10. This is adorable. My son loves minions and this is something I think I could actually pull off. Thank you for sharing.

  11. My young grandson had a Minion birthday day party A few of the decorations were bought at Party City. The Minion cake was done by a professional bakery. But believe me when I say, the party above, looked more thought went into it & less money! I really loved the Minion cake & bubbles ideas! ???

  12. That is soooo cute! My nephew loves minions. The cupcakes are adorable. I have heard of Oriental Trading, gonna have to check them out!

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