The Middle Set Visit

The Middle Set Visit

The Middle Set Visit

The Middle Set Visit
Photo:ABC/Eric McCandless

*Disclosure: I received an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles for the #ABCTVEvent and #Disneyevents in exchange for my coverage. All opinions are 100% my own.

The Middle Set visit while on my #ABCTVEvent and of course the #MuppetsMostWantedTrip was nothing short of amazing!! We had the opportunity to meet Patricia Heaton the night before at an event and she is super sweet! But I would have to say that getting to pre-screen an episode of The Middle followed by a set visit was amazing.

Photo:ABC/Eric McCandless

We arrived on the set and was greeted with a continental breakfast which is always nice when you are traveling. Then we were introduced to episode, “The Walk” that will be airing March 26th. In this episode Frankie and Mike discover that they are more fun & charming with other people than with each other. Sue ends up with multiple dates to the prom which is every teenagers worst nightmare coming true. And of course Brick and Axl prepare an “outside the box” book report that ends up being very challenging as well as entertaining.

Photo:ABC/Eric McCandless

While visiting the set we were introduced to the set decorator Julie Fanton who gave us the tour of the Heck Household. Julie was full of knowledge about the set, the show and the characters. The one thing that still stands out in my mind is the smell of the set which we hadn’t encountered on other sets. But during the tour the reason the Heck Household smelled lived in is because Julie does her shopping at The Salvation Army, thrift stores, Target and of course Kohls. She does an amazing job decorating the set with household items that make you believe you are really in a household.


The Middle of course is about a series of characters that survive in the middle class in the middle of the United States and mom Frankie is quickly approaching middle age. We have all been the mom that thought she had it all together, but at the last minute lost a backpack, forgot a big date or something just came up that threw our day for a loop. One of the coolest things about the set is that even the mail has the Heck Household address on it. Every single detail has been covered perfectly with the hard work of Julie Fanton.

Thanks to the Giveaway Bandit for this snapshot of Julie Fanton!

I loved that the set wasn’t broken up into different areas of the stage. When walking into the house it really felt like we were in the Heck Household which is very surreal now that I think back upon it. I took lots of pictures of the set because it was so real to life in many aspects and as a parent we can all relate to the messy household that you will clean up later. The first spot was the entry way which included a spot for their coats, mail and of course the normal entry way items.


The living room was very spacious, had a 70’s feel to it and was packed full of items you would find in most living rooms around the United States. I loved that there were even real pictures of the characters growing up on the walls throughout the house. My absolute favorite was the laundry basket, because no matter how hard you try, it always ends up in the living room in real life, or at least at my house it does.


The kitchen was complete with food in the refrigerator with no working light bulb, (So my house) and food in it as well as the pantry. I’m thinking Frankie maybe couponing before long to help save a little money, but she buys the same brands we all do and of course there isn’t a household that I know of that doesn’t have a junk drawer in their house. There’s was full of things as well!


The kitchen had a bar and an eat in table as well as the famous exercise bike that never gets used. The laundry room was off of that room and of course there has to be a garage like place for Mike Heck to tinker in.


Then of course there is the more “formal” dining area, the hallway leading to the bedrooms and of course the one bathroom that the Heck’s share. Which is as cluttered as the rest of the house, but it made me feel right at home in some areas! I loved the window in the house that when you looked out at the street, it looked exactly like you were on the street.


Axl and Brick’s room was very full and smaller than I would have thought it would have been. But this room has lots of Julie Fanton’s sons belongings in it because he was leaving for college when Julie was shopping for the set. Another great way to save money and decorate the set with life like items to make the audience feel like they are right in The Middle along with the cast.

Axl-and-Bricks-Room The Heck House

Sue Heck’s room is very teenager like full of things that they love. I could honestly remember specific episodes as I was going through the house that this prop or that prop was used. It was a very cool experience and I would have to say reminded me a lot of my room growing up.

Sue-Hecks-Room The Middle

Frankie and Mike share the master bedroom of the house complete with a chair holding laundry that needs attention. I know that many of us parents can relate to a master bedroom looking like this one does!!

Where does the movie set furniture come from? One of the things the set director told us what that they do a lot of shopping in the warehouses that store old movie props and they go into thrift stores to find the perfect piece. They even bring things in from their own homes if it fits their decorating goal.

Now that you have seen a glimpse into the Heck Household now I can finally tell you about the best part of visiting the set. While visiting we got to meet and chat with Mike Heck played by Neal Flynn as well as Axl Heck who played by Charlie McDermott. They chatted with us, answered questions for us and were great hosts during our visit.

The Middle Set Visit Mike Heck played by Neal Flynn as well as Axl Heck who played by Charlie McDermott

They even posed for a picture with us all so that we had proof that it really did happen, because sometimes trips like this seem like a dream when we get back home! I would say that they are closer in size than it appears in the picture because that is one of the things that I noticed while we were chatting with them.

Mike Heck played by Neal Flynn as well as Axl Heck who played by Charlie McDermott

But then we received another special guest known as Brick Heck which even surprised the host of the Heck Household. Brick is played by Atticus Shaffer who was very friendly the entire time he was there.

Brick Heck- Atticus Shaffer The Middle Set

As you can tell he is surrounded by bloggers trying ask him questions and of course snap a picture of him. He was even kind enough to take a picture with us as well.

Brick Heck- Atticus Shaffer The Middle Set

But then we had another guest stop in to tell us all hello! It was Jack McBrayer himself who plays Dr. Ted Goodwin who is the dentist that Frankie works for.

ack McBrayer himself who plays Dr. Ted Goodwin

Our visit to the Heck Household was exciting, entertaining and of course filled with a great time. We felt like we were part of the Heck Family Household while we were there and I for one am a bigger fan of this great show. Most of us are in “the middle class”, and can just relate to the everyday shenanigans that happen in the Heck Household that represent real life living. Be sure you tune in to ABC’s The Middle on Wednesday nights at 8/7 central!! Tonight is going to be “The Walk” episode that you won’t want to miss!!

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  1. Are you sure thats just a set? It looks like they bought a real house to furnish and film it in. Theres a wall over by fridge that has genuine smoke damage on the walls and in the hall has flattened carpet like its been lived in for 50+ years.

    1. I promise it was just a set, they painted the walls to make them look like that. They also do lots of thrift store shopping and so much more, it is amazing what they do to ensure we think it is a real house. 🙂

  2. Can anyone tell me where the. Headboard in the master bedroom on the middle came from or the name of the style. I want one like that I just love the way it’s made.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      One of the things the set director told us what that they do a lot of shopping in the warehouses that store old movie props and they go into thrift stores to find the perfect piece. They even bring things in from their own homes if it fits their decorating goal. So while I would love to be able to tell you exactly where it came from, there isn’t a way for me to do that. I hope this helps! 🙂 And thanks so much for being a fan!

  3. Andrew @ Mommy's Busy

    Great photos, Heidi! I think as lame as it sounds, seeing the mail (with their address!) laying around was prob one of my favorite parts!

  4. Such a fun experience! I can’t believe all the “props” used to make it look like a family lived there. So much work to create the perfect atmosphere. Thanks for the post!

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