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Learn New Things with Bluprint

This post was originally posted back on October 5, 2018, and was in partnership with Bluprint, however, as always opinions are 100% my own. But with the new things this year I wanted to update it with new information.

While we are all now homebound until April 30, 2020 I wanted to send along a free resource! Bluprint, an NBCUniversal online creative learning platform, provides ways for the entire family to nourish their creativity from home, offering rich learning experiences for all ages. 

Join us to “Craft More Happy Moments” during our FREE unlimited access creativity event; Today, March 26 – April 9. No credit card required.

Want to try Bluprint for free?

With Bluprint you can stream thousands of creative education classes from knitting, sewing, baking, drawing, family crafts and much more, taught by the world’s leading experts. Bluprint is your one-stop destination for classes, patterns and project ideas for all skill levels. Take a sneak peek of what we have to offer here. 

During the 14 day event, Bluprint will provide free access to their full slate of content; including more than 1300 classes and series and hundreds of step by step project tutorials and patterns making this the perfect time to learn a new craft or hobby. 

Learn New Things with Bluprint

Craftsy has been one of my favorite platforms online for a while now, and I logged into Craftsy Unlimited several times a week. But the folks at Craftsy have been hard at work to bring us this new improved online learning center and are taking it to the next level with Bluprint. Because being Empty Nesters means we have a little more downtime nowadays. I focused on learned a few things while Liz was at home but for the most part, I put my hobbies on the back burner so she could have things. Which really is what parenting is all about, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But because we have more downtime I’ve started redoing rooms in the house, picking up new hobbies and restarting some older ones!

Learn New Things with Bluprint

What is Bluprint?

Bluprint has a deep content library with more than 3,000 hours of original classes and produces original entertainment series featuring creative experts who will help inspire, empower and entertain both the experienced creator and everyday doer.

Bluprint offers Family Classes

Bluprint is also the place for families to turn online inspiration into offline ways to imagine, play and grow. With 24/7 access to exclusive series and easy-to-follow classes, families can learn and try new things together — no matter their skill level. Bluprint’s family content is developed with kids 6-12 in mind, and led by trusted, family-friendly experts. This is a great way to implement weekly family nights and teaching life skills that will help kids succeed as adults.

Learn New Things with Bluprint

How much is Bluprint?

Bluprint serves a passionate and engaged community of more than 13 million and growing, keeping them informed and one step ahead of trends. It connects members with similar interests through premium and enhanced original editorial content, social media engagement and live, one of a kind events. Available on-demand via Bluprint subscription is only $7.99 a month, accessible on desktop and mobile at

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