Keeping Your Family Safe During Summer Activities

Keeping Your Family Safe During Summer Activities

Summers are full of activity. It is a time of the year when families engage in outdoor fun activities. However, the fun also results in a significant amount of accidents. Children are especially prone to summertime injuries due to their high energy levels. It can be extremely hard to control your children as they jump about from activity to activity. Accidents occur even during activities involving the whole family, including adults. As a parent, the best thing you can do for your family is to prepare to manage accidents resulting in minor or even more serious injuries.

You plan to go for a fishing trip down the river or lake, rock climb, or even have a camp complete with a campfire. Whatever the activity, burns, cuts, bruises, stings, sprains, and strains can ruin all the fun. A burn while grilling in your backyard or a fishhook through your skin can really dampen the mood in an otherwise fun time. If you intend to enjoy the summer, you need to take a few steps to prepare well for any injury-causing accidents.

1. Acquire a First Aid Kit

First aid is one of the most crucial aspects of preparedness when dealing with summertime injuries. You need to have a fully equipped first aid kit to help manage minor injuries. To get a first aid kit, visit or search for a wholesale medical supply store that offers a range of medical supplies.

2. Acquire Basic First Aid Skills

I find first aid skills to be a big asset. When having fun, you do not plan to encounter accidents. However, a little preparation with first aid skills and a first aid kit will come in handy. About 80-90% of the minor injuries may require a first aid kit, but 100% of the cases require first aid skills. You never know when you will need it, so make a point of acquiring the skill. It is no use having a first aid kit if you cannot make good use of the contents.

Keeping Your Family Safe During Summer Activities

3. Getting Protective Gear

There are many fun summer activities that kids can enjoy. The season presents an opportunity for energy-charged activities like cycling or roller-skating. Accidents in such activities can be very painful and can cause some serious injuries, including concussions. Protective gear, such as helmets, are a necessity for such high-energy activities. Make a point of acquiring the right gear for each activity and ensure proper use.

4. Using Repellents

Bugs can be annoying in the summer. A perfect family outing could go wrong due to an insect bite or sting. A repellent could save you so much trouble. It will help you keep insects and bugs off, allowing your family to enjoy outdoor activities.

5. Safeguarding the Playground

Where you set up your playground has a bearing on the types of injuries you expose your family to. If the play equipment is on hard concrete or an asphalt surface, you are likely to encounter a high number of injuries from small accidents. Always ensure the ground is soft to absorb the impact of falls, thus minimizing injuries.

6. Precautions for Water Activities

During the summer, many people take part in different water activities, as the weather is right. However, it is very easy to sustain injuries or even lose your life if not careful. You need to take the necessary precautions for each water activity. For example, you may need to supervise the kids as they swim to avoid drowning. CPR skills are also critical as they can help you save a life. If boat riding, remember to always have a life jacket on.

7. Appropriate Dressing

People rarely pay attention to how our dressing affects our summertime injuries. Sometimes the way we dress contributes greatly to the injuries we sustain. Some types of clothing can also be a great preventative measure against some minor injuries. Using long sleeve shirts and long pants can help protect against insect bites and sunburns.

The CDC estimates over 200,000 playground-related injuries in the United States annually for children below 14 years. Practicing safety precautions during the summer activities will ensure your family is not part of the statistics. First aid also plays a big part in managing these injuries.

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