Is It All Laptops And Beach Towels? Considerations Before Becoming A Digital Nomad

So many people are now giving consideration to the remote working lifestyle that inevitably the topic of being a digital nomad crops up. In essence, it’s going on vacation but taking your laptop with you wherever you go! But as so many people love the idea of traveling for work and completing administrative tasks on a sandy beach what’s the best way to really be a digital nomad? Is it actually about going wherever you want or is it something more?

The Expenses Of Moving From Place To Place

The simplest aspect of being a digital nomad is that you are able to get up and go whenever you want. But moving from place to place becomes one of those things that you either have in you or you don’t. Do you like the idea of going to new places all the time, or are you just fed up with your current work situation and want to escape from it? We also have to remember the practicalities of moving from place to place. It can be incredibly expensive to get up and go all the time.

Do You Have The Right Skills?

While you only need a laptop and a nomadic sensibility being a digital nomad means that you’ve got to be self-sustaining. Working from any remote location means that you have to thrive under your own initiative. And sometimes those little problems that we have only to ask someone near to us to solve becomes a massive issue that we’ve got to fix ourselves. There are numerous resources online to help you out, from finding the cheapest rental accommodation all the way through to fixing and cleaning your MacBook, and there’s plenty of opportunities to read more about these topics online. But being a nomad isn’t just about the professional skills, it’s also about the ability to focus on tasks without being tempted by the paradise you have surrounded yourself in. In this respect, you could be anywhere in the world but you still have to do the work.

Do You Have The Right Mindset?

You need to be a self-starter and motivated but you also need to remember that you are a freelancer. Yes, there are many companies that are now working towards the remote working revolution and are hiring people full time but there’s a very specific breed of people that fit the remote working lifestyle. If you aren’t sure whether it’s for you or not and you have the luxury, set up a side hustle or look at the freelance jobs available online. The only way to really see if you are capable of it is to launch yourself into the world of remote working.

There is a lot of support out there, from forums to detailed guides online about the digital nomad lifestyle, but before you start your resignation letter and dream about sipping coconut water on a beach in front of your laptop you’ve got to ask yourself if it’s what you really want. Many people decide to move because they are bored with their current life or they are just running away from something. It’s worth considering this. 


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