How to Organize & Take Care of Your Jewelry (+Few Benefits of Wearing It)

How to Organize & Take Care of Your Jewelry (+Few Benefits of Wearing It)

Who hasn`t hunted for a missing piece of jewelry, or resorted to wearing the same piece day after day because of dreading to look for a particular item? If you can relate, this article is just what you need to create your own solution and keep your jewelry organized and clean.

As a bonus, learn a few unexpected health benefits of wearing jewelry!

Start with collecting all your jewelry in one place. Separate the items based on their type or occasion, while inspecting every piece for possible damage.

Unexpected Benefits of Wearing Jewelry!

Did you know that certain materials like emeralds, opal, pearls, and gold have additional benefits besides accentuating your natural beauty or enhancing your outfit?

Precious opal offers more than a magnificent play of color. Wearing this gemstone can benefit your immune system, and it is also said to help keep the balance of hormones in your body.

Visit to learn more about history, meaning, and benefits of „queen of the gems” that traps the light within.

Besides its regular use as a gorgeous ornament, pure gold can also boost your natural immunity, and enhance the healing of the wounds and sores once applied to these particular areas. It can even help in regulating the temperature of the body.

When it comes to silver, it is known for its antimicrobial properties and warding off cold, flue, and skin problems,

How to Organize & Take Care of Your Jewelry (+Few Benefits of Wearing It)

Get Your Jewelry in Tip-Top Shape

Once you`ve set aside items that need to be repaired or cleaned, it`s time to bring them back to life! Take the broken pieces to be repaired and replace missing earring backs.

The simplest cleaning step is to wash your jewelry with warm water. Use a gentle liquid soap and a cloth or soft brush to clean all of the dirt.

If you are struggling with removing grime from complex pieces with lots of crevices, consider getting an inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner. Remember – it is not suitable for all jewelry as it can damage some gemstones and finishes.

Precious metal tarnishing cloth will remove tarnish from your jewelry and keep it sparkling clean! Silver dip is another easy way to remove tarnish from your silver pieces quickly.

How to Organize & Take Care of Your Jewelry (+Few Benefits of Wearing It)

Countertop Jewelry Organizers

If you opt to store your jewelry on the countertop, go with stackable jewelry boxes to keep everything accessible. There is a variety of options out there, and you can even build custom solutions.

Trays, divided compartments, and inserts in organizers are especially handy for holding rings and keeping earrings and other pieces separated.

Jewelry stands are perfect for enabling quick access to your necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Some of them come in an elegant design like a tree or a moon.

Bear in mind that jewelry that`s kept on display has to be cleaned more often!

Hanging Organizers

You can make use of often wasted space like your walls, back of the door, or the inside of a closet door to store your jewelry. Some racks require no tolls as they are easily installed with overdoor hooks.

To view and protect your precious pieces effortlessly, you can go with a transparent PVC hanging organizer. They come with dozens of pockets so that you can keep your items separately. Some of these hanging organizers come with necklace holders for even more convenient storage.

They can be hanged on door, wall, or a closet pole.

You can find some beautiful wall hanging organizers on Etsy, like this honeycomb display.

Storing Jewelry in Your Drawers

It is best to store your precious metal jewelry in drawers or small jewelry boxes. This way, you will prevent free-flowing air from tarnishing your favorite pieces and keep the dust at bay.

To keep your drawers tidy, you can use modular organizers to sort your pieces and create an orderly space.

Expandable drawer organizers are another practical solution that will save you time and effort when looking for a particular item.

You can easily size them to fit your drawer and keep your collection neatly organized.

Have a good look at your jewelry collection every 6-12 months, and give it a bit of a spruce up. Take proper care of your cherished accessories and enjoy it for years to come!

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