How to Find Harmful Hidden Plumbing Leaks and Fix Them

How to Find Harmful Hidden Plumbing Leaks and Fix Them

How to Find Harmful Hidden Plumbing Leaks and Fix Them

Having a hidden plumbing leak can cause serious damage and cost you a lot of money. Most of us worry about a major pipe burst or flood that causes a lot of damage right away. 

However, the truth is that a hidden plumbing leak that goes undetected for a long time can cause just as many problems, if not more. They can compromise the structure of your home, grow mold, and rust other pipes.

Here are tips from on how to find these pesky leaks and fix them! 

How to Find Harmful Hidden Plumbing Leaks and Fix Them

Watch for Leaks Around the Tub or Shower

It’s common for a tub or shower not to be as carefully sealed as you would expect. Also, children who splash in the bath or an inadequate shower curtain can allow water outside the tub and onto your floor.

Many times a homeowner will say, “It’s just water,” and let it sit until it dries. Unfortunately, this water can seep into other areas and cause issues.

Be sure to watch for these signs of a problem:

  • Curling flooring
  • Loose tiles
  • Water stains on the ceiling below the bathroom
  • Visible mold on the floor or wall near the tub
  • Standing water when you exit the shower

If you notice signs of a leak, check the gaskets or sweep of the shower door. Check the caulking where the tub or shower meets the floor. You can fix caulk quickly yourself, but for other problems, you might need to hire a licensed general contractor like PT General Contractor Inc. to ensure the proper planning, design, and construction of your plumbing system.

How to Find Harmful Hidden Plumbing Leaks and Fix Them

Look for Toilet Flange Leaks

Sometimes your toilet will leak where it meets the waste pipe below. Water seeping out of the joint will ruin the floor, rotting joists, and damage the ceiling below.

How do you know you have trouble? Look for these signs:

  • Water seeping around the base of the toilet
  • Damaged or loose flooring
  • Stains on the ceiling below the toilet
  • A toilet that rocks when you push it – it can break the seal between the toilet and flange

Once you notice signs of a problem, you may need to repair the flange, install a riser on the flange, level the toilet, or reinstall the toilet with a new wax ring.

How to Find Harmful Hidden Plumbing Leaks and Fix Them

Leaks Around Your Sink Rims

Your sink is installed into your counter and the edges should be sealed tightly. However, over time the seals may crack or break, allowing water to seep down. This can ruin countertops, cabinets, and supplies you keep in the cabinet.

What are signs you have a leak around the sink?

  • Cracked or deteriorating caulk around the sink
  • A loose faucet base
  • Puddles, water stains, or dampness inside the cabinet

If you find a leak, you can usually fix it easily. You might need to better secure the faucet base by tightening the mounting nuts underneath or tighten the sink rim by clamping the clips more firmly to the countertops. 

If the caulk is the issue, you can scrape off old caulk and recaulk it to reseal the edge of the sink.

These three hidden plumbing leaks are among the most common that homeowners face. If you notice signs, don’t put off the repair. Instead, act quickly to take care of the problem. If you don’t, you could face mold, interior damage, and other more serious and expensive concerns.

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  1. unfortunately I had a leaky faucet under my bathroom sink. It was definitely a mess but not discovered until it had gotten a bit moldy. Good tips to always check for leaks, an important part of owning a home.

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