How to Drink Without Getting Drunk

How to Drink Without Getting Drunk

There are two different methods you can try out if you want to drink without getting drunk. Everyone has wondered what the magic formula is in not getting drunk when drinking. That’s because we all have a friend that seems to be able to drink endlessly without getting drunk.

How does anyone drink all night long and not get drunk? Two methods are tried and true that will help you go out with your friends and promise if you use them, you’ll be able to drink and not get drunk. What’s more, one of the methods encourages you to carry your own breathalyzer test to verify the method works.

How to Drink Without Getting Drunk

Since the dawn of alcohol being used for drinking purposes, there have always been people who seem more prone to getting drunk than others. Once you add an automobile to the equation, those that drink have been trying to determine how they can drink and drive home safely. It’s no surprise; most of the time, people fail in this quest.

Studies now show there maybe a couple of methods that help you not get drunk when you’re out drinking with your family or friends. You may be or have a friend who is one of the people who seem to be less tolerant of alcohol than others. Most of the time, the less tolerant of alcohol are women who have more body fat than lean muscle.

When alcohol enters the more lean body type, the alcohol is dissolved faster in water-rich tissue, which comprises muscles. Sometimes it all comes down to some people just have genetics with bodies that have more enzymes that process alcohol better than others. However, there are two how not to get drunk when you drink methods that most health and wellness professionals agree upon.

Method 1

The first method consists of timing, food, and water while you drink. The second method involves trying something most people have never heard of much less tried. Both have a measure of success.

Most people have heard part or all of Method 1 in how not to get drunk. You start this method by following your own alcohol drink tolerance formula.

#1 Decide How Many Drinks You’ll Have and Firmly Hold to That Level

Almost everyone knows how many drinks it takes for them to feel the effects when they start to get drunk. If you know how many drinks it takes before you ever start drinking, decide in advance how many drinks you’ll have. Don’t waver on this number, and don’t start having more mid-way through your evening. 

Often the magic number is four drinks, but some people can’t even drink that much. You always want to be sober and sensible when you get behind the wheel of a car. It only takes one DWI to cause untold negative consequences in your life.

That’s why you don’t ever want to be navigating your first DWI. Instead of dealing with the negative consequences of a DWI strategize before you go out, on how many drinks you’ll have because you know that the formula works for you.

#2 When Drinking Alcohol Timing is Everything

If you decide that four drinks are the maximum you should have when out drinking with your friends or co-workers, you can’t start drinking one after the other without giving your body time to process the alcohol. It’s good to leave an hour between drinks. 

You can sip slowly, drink water in-between drinks or even take a bite here and there of appetizers or bar food sitting around. It’s important to remember that alcohol stays in your system for one to three hours. That’s why it’s good to carry a breathalyzer with you because if you’ve been drinking, it can detect it for up to twenty-four hours

#3 Coat Your Stomach with Food and Drink Plenty of Water 

Having a meal while you’re drinking slows down the effect of alcohol. Keeping hydrated with water is also good. Some people will have an alcoholic drink and then a full glass of water. 

You can find the formula that works best for you, but it’s always important you pace yourself, coat your stomach, and keep yourself hydrated while drinking alcohol.

Method 2

Many people are have never heard of using this method of how to drink without getting drunk. The method was discovered or at least espoused by the late Joseph Owades. Dr. Joseph Owades had a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, who, in his first few professional years, worked at Fleischmann’s where yeast and fermentation processes were fine-tuned.

Dr. Owades determined after trying it out on himself for ten years that eating yeast if you put it in yogurt, helped him never to get drunk while he drank. Yeast does have an enzyme that’s almost identical to the one we have in our liver and stomach lining. It is this enzyme that helps our bodies break down alcohol.

But the results of multiple tests on this method shows mixed results. Yeast can indeed degrade alcohol, and for the best effect, you need to eat the yeast powder in a container of yogurt. But the exposure time of alcohol to yeast is pretty low. 

The beneficial non-drunk attributes of eating yeast in yogurt to prevent getting drunk can work, but it doesn’t work on everyone. Most of the time, any effect of the yeast on your state of being drunk is marginal. 

How to Drink A Lot and Not Get Drunk

In the end, both methods of how to drink and not get drunk can work. But they don’t always work, and they don’t work for everyone the same way. That’s why it’s so important to be sober, careful, and cautious when you’re out drinking with your friends, co-workers, and family. You don’t get to begin your evening again as a do-over if you get caught drinking and driving.

The legal, criminal, and personal consequences are real when you drink and drive. The two methods above on how to drink and not get drunk may indeed work. But there’s no method on how to drink and safely drive your vehicle.

Never drink and drive because it only takes one mistake to change your life forever.

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