Get Unplugged: Enrich Your Life With Technology-Free Activities

Get Unplugged: Enrich Your Life With Technology-Free Activities

The Internet has undeniably made our lives easier, optimizing remote communication and amplifying convenience. As computer technology continues to evolve, it won’t be surprising if, in a few years from now, artificial intelligence will be more widely used, considering how the likes of Alexa and Siri are immensely popular today.

It’s fascinating that twenty years ago, we weren’t so dependent on technology to perform our daily tasks. Nowadays, even young kids cannot live a full day without touching at least one electronic gadget.

Even though technology is important, let’s not forget to unplug from time to time to give our minds a break and be in the moment. Don’t worry about boredom because there some pretty incredible things you can do without the Internet, like the following:

1. DIY Art Projects

You surely have art supplies lying forgotten in a drawer somewhere. Give them attention again and see what you can create out of what’s available. If some critical pieces are missing, such as sturdy art adhesive strips, pens, or colored papers, shop for them online so that you can start with your DIY art project soon.

Get Unplugged: Enrich Your Life With Technology-Free Activities

2. Read Books

Even though the contents of an e-book and a physical book are the same, the latter has a mysterious satisfying effect that no e-book can ever deliver. Perhaps it’s the smell of the pages or the fact that you can admire its cover while touching it. That’s precisely why you should buy some physical books and read them while disconnected from the Internet. You can keep reading your e-books, too, as long as you don’t browse the net. When you get lost in a good book, you’d probably prefer to stay unplugged, anyway.

3. Clean the House

When you’re too caught up in work, you may be neglecting your house without your notice. Clutter may be everywhere, surfaces may be collecting dust, and clean and dirty laundry can be piling up in your closet. Catch up on real life again by performing your forgotten chores, and feel how it relieves your stress.

4. Work the Green Thumb

Your shrubs may be needing a little trim, and your potted plants are probably very thirsty. Dedicate a good chunk of your day to caring for them, and maybe you’ll discover a new plant to add to your collection!

5. Spend Quality Time with Family and Friends

Family time without smartphones tends to be rare nowadays. Instead of bonding through game apps, bring out your old board games again and get swept over with nostalgia. And next time you meet your friends, do the same or be engaged in a deep conversation without the distraction of social media.

Benefits of Getting Unplugged

A study has found that getting unplugged improves our quality of life, as we get to spend more time with our friends and family, exercise more frequently, and eat healthy food. Without our phones, we have more freedom to do these things and enjoy them more because we aren’t distracted.

Refraining from checking work-related emails at home reduces burnout and helps us feel more recharged when we come to work the next day. It aids in sleep, too, because we’re away from the screen’s blue light, which makes us struggle to fall asleep.

Without technology’s barrier, face-to-face conversations become healthier and more effective, since DMs can’t adequately convey our real messages. And if you’re having trouble getting over an ex, get unplugged to avoid checking their social media and slowing your moving on progress.

It may seem ironic that we’re learning these benefits on the Internet, from which we’re aiming to disconnect. Take this as a sign to unplug within the day. Focus on the more essential things in life, such as your loved ones and your well-being.

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