Frozen Decorations

Frugal Frozen Party Ideas

Frugal Frozen Party Ideas

Frozen By Disney

Frozen is making it’s way to the big screen on November 27, 2013 and I can’t wait. But with all great movie hits kids instantly want all things Cars, Planes, The Little Mermaid, and yes I believe Frozen too! But in true frugal nature I wanted to help you come up with some Frugal Frozen Party Ideas that you can implement for a fraction of the cost. Disney makes so many fabulous movies and Frozen will be one of them I promise!! So here are a few Frugal Frozen Party Ideas that will make you the best mom or dad ever!!


Frozen-Invitation Frozen-Invitation


Decorations could be easily made and hung up around the room you are having the party in or the house if you prefer. I would grab the kids, some scissors and make some old fashioned paper snowflakes. The kids will have a fantastic time being creative and you will be making memories at the same time. Add a little glitter to them and you will have more “ice like” snowflakes fit for your little Ana, Elsa or even Kristoff. Hang them before the party or hang them as the “late” arrivers are showing up. Either way will sure to be a hit and then kids will have something to take home at the end of the party that didn’t cost much more than a half a penny or less!!




Friends Sign Frozen PDF


Pin the nose on Olaf!

Using the same premise behind Pin the tail on the Donkey all you need is a copy of Olaf, a wall, a handerchief to cover their eyes and some tape for the  “nose”. You can copy Olaf above and white out his nose and make his head bigger. Then make another copy of his “nose” that you can cut out.

Explain to the kids the game and have fun Pinning the Nose on Olaf.


Could be given the person who gets the closest, or as we like to do it all, all kids get a prize for trying.


Don’t forget to print out the Frozen Memory game as well for another party center that will be a hit!

Snacks, Cakes, and Treats!!

My friend Stefanie over at Making of a Mom made some adorable Olaf Popcorn balls which would be the perfect addition to your Frugal Frozen Party. Pick up some popcorn balls on the clearance aisle a few days after Halloween and you have an even cheaper snack.

Cupcakes with these adorable wrappers will be a hit!




Build your own Olaf snack out of marshmallows, frosting, pretzel sticks for arms and mini chocolate chips for his eyes and face would sure to be a huge hit! Or Marshmallow fluff is what I used to put mine together and I cheated and used food coloring for the buttons, nose and eyes.


Arendel ice cups with frozen blue kool-aid ice chunks with blue kool-aid on top. Or if you wanted you could do blue jello cups with whipped topping on top for the snow.


Do You Want to Build a Snowman PDF

 Frozen Inspired Marshmallows


As you can tell the Frugal Frozen Party ideas are endless, but one thing is for certain, Frozen will be a classic that will be enjoyed for generations!! Be ready to watch this great film on November 27, 2013 at a theater near you!!

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