Frankenstein Treats

Frankenstein Treats
Frankenstein Treats

Frankenstein Treats are a fun way to incorporate Frankenstein into you Halloween gatherings. I love making things like this because it is fun and they are relatively easy. Whip up a batch of these yummy Frankenstein Treats for your family to enjoy this Halloween!

Snack cakes of your choice ( Twinkies, Hoho’s, etc. We used Sara Lee Devil’s Food Creme Cakes.)
Semi-Sweet Chocolate (I used Baker’s) or Brown candy Melts
Green Melting candy Wafers
Green Sixlets
Small candy Eyes
Black Decorating Gel
White Frosting
Parchment Paper

Put a sheet of parchment paper down on your counter. You will also want to open the candies and put them in their own bowl. This is a simple project, but it’s easiest to have it in an assembly line order.
Melt the semi-sweet chocolate in a bowl according to the package’s instructions.

Frankenstein Treats

Unwrap the snack cakes.

Frankenstein Treats
Start with the hair. Dip one end of the snack cakes into the semi-sweet chocolates. For Frankenstein, we just dipped the ends. For the Brides of Frankenstein, we dipped about half of the snack cake in the semi-sweet chocolate. You may need a knife to help spread the chocolate.
Lay the cakes on the parchment paper to allow to harden.
Melt the green candy wafers according to package instructions into a bowl.
Once the hair has hardenened, you will dip the opposite corner in the green mix.

Frankenstein Treats

Using the decorating gel, attach two eyes on each snack.

Frankenstein Treats
Dip a Sixlet in the green candy melts and attach the nose on each snack.
Use the decorating gel to create a smile, eye lashes or scar marks on your Frankensteins.
For the Bride of Frankenstein, use a drawing tip or a ribbon tip and make some waves with white frosting on her hair.

Frankenstein Treats

*Note: These were a HUGE hit! I will be making some for my son’s class closer to Halloween. Next time, I will replace the chocolate with the brown melting wafers. The melting wafers harden much faster and are so easy to work with! But if you love the idea of an extra layer of chocolate, the chocolates work just fine too! 🙂

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  1. I can’t stop chuckling these are just so darn cute! I love this idea of starting with a snack cake – all the fun part of decorating is all there is to do. I must try it!

  2. These little guys are too cute! Such a fun way to celebrate Halloween!

    I’m a few days late, but thanks for linking up with The Alder Collective at last week’s party! Your post has been pinned to our board. We’re live again, so we hope you’ll be joining us again this week!

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