Flying Safe: 5 Important Rules You Need to Know When Using an Airline to Transport Your Pet Crate

 Flying Safe: 5 Important Rules You Need to Know When Using an Airline to Transport Your Pet Crate

When you’re flying, the best thing you can do is prepare your pet for their crate. Airlines have specific procedures in place for the acceptance, handling, and delivery of your animal. The environmental needs of the animals are considered during loading, off-loading or at a transit stop. Here are 5 important rules you should know. 

  1. Paperwork

It is important to gather all paperwork several days prior to travel. Take a picture of your pet and print two copies to attached on the crate and your pet’s passport papers. This way, others will be able to identify your pet and its ownership. Also be sure to have your shipper’s declaration ready and placed on your crate as well as any contact information that may be important for customs and airline to know.

  1. Health certificate

Airlines will require a health certificate for any pets you’ll be transporting. To obtain this certificate, it is usually delivered by your veterinarian who acts as a witness that the animal is fit to fly. For proper health practices, it is important to reduce the quantity of food your pet intakes the day before and supply them with enough water. Take your pet for a walk before leaving for the airport and before you check-in, especially if you’ll be flying with dogs that need lots of physical activity. Also, providing your pet a light meal around two hours before you pass the animal to the airline carrier helps your pet calm down and is a legal requirement for pets entering the United States.

Flying Safe: 5 Important Rules You Need to Know When Using an Airline to Transport Your Pet Crate
  1. Dimensions of Crate

Finding the right crate for your pet is important. For one, make sure you purchase them from a reputable dealer, such as Pet Crates Direct, and making sure it adheres to container regulations. Most regulations are around the fact that creates ensure animals have enough space to move normally while standing and sitting as well as enough room to lie in a natural position.

  1. Animal Shipper

Airlines have certain regulations that require you to find an animal shipper. You can find one that can make all the necessary reservations and take full charge in the whole process. From collecting your pet to taking your pet to the airport, to boarding and ensuring it is delivered to its destination. Depending on country regulations, which is also important to check, this may be the only handling method that airlines accept when dealing with pets and crates. Just check with the airline to confirm requirements about shipping your pet.

  1. Flight confirmation

Before you leave, make sure you contact your airline and confirm your flight and pet reservation. The more notice you give the better so that the airlines are prepared to take care of your pet when loading the flight.

There are many regulations when it comes to transporting your pet crate through the air. Make sure to get your crate well ahead of time, so you’re ready for anything that may arise.


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