Exercises To Define And Tone Your Jawline

Exercises To Define And Tone Your Jawline

As we age, the shape of our face changes. Your once lifted cheekbones may start to shrink down, or your jawline may become less defined. This can happen when the muscles begin to weaken and if there is extra fat build-up in the jaw area. As some people carry their genes of having a natural and well-defined jawline, some struggle to tone and define their jawline.

As ageing eventually happens or genetic features start developing over time, there are ways you can improve the appearance of your jawline. These solutions include facial treatments like Botox, which you can find out here, and exercising. Facial exercises, mainly targeting the jawline helps to give the jaw a more defined look. Below are some of the famous facial exercises to get that chiselled jawline you’ve always wanted.

1. Making vowel sounds 

To start this exercise, you will have to exaggerate the way you say the vowel letters/sounds. You can start by following the normal pattern- A, E, I, O, U. Then after a few reps, you can try mixing up the letters like starting with the letter ‘O’ followed by ‘A’. This exercise targets the muscles surrounding your mouth, mainly the sides of the lips. Do three sets of 15 reps every day.

2. Lip pull

To start this exercise, you will need to remain standing or seated. By this time, you’ll be facing forward. Next is to push your lower jaw outwards as you lift your lower lip. You will start to feel a tension in the chin and jawline area. Keep that position for 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat several sets for 15 minutes.

3. Collarbone back up

A collarbone back up can be done while standing up, lying on your back, or sitting down. Begin by bringing your knee up to your chest and holding it for support. You can start the exercise by moving your head back and bringing it back to its starting position. Do this for three sets with ten repetitions. You can also try holding the position longer once you get the hang of the collarbone back up exercise.

4. Tongue twister

This exercise is designed to target the muscles located under your chin and jaw area. Start by pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth, positioning it behind your teeth as you add pressure. This may cause some muscle straining. Do three sets with 15 repetitions.

5. Neck curl-up

This facial exercise focuses on removing the fat surrounding the chin and jaw. To begin the exercise, lie down on your back and keep your tongue pressed on the roof of your mouth. Next is to lift your chin, making it reach or touch the chest. Do three sets of neck curl-ups with ten repetitions. Start slowly, as you might get cramps if you’re new to the exercise. Once you’re comfortable enough, you can gradually pick up the pace and increase the number of sets to perform.

Take note that these facial exercises are meant to target the muscle tissues around the mouth and neck. This includes the chin, jaw, and cheek. There are more facial exercises you could try like making a fish face and pouting your lips, but the mentioned exercises effectively define the jaw. You can also start eating healthy and getting enough sleep to help boost the improvement process. If you have time to spare in the morning or evening, you can try these easy exercises.

Other Ways To Define Jawline

Some of us might be busy to remember doing the mentioned facial exercises regularly. If you’re like one of them, there are other simple ways you can try. Most of these activities are performed on a regular basis, like smiling and drinking water. Below are more of these solutions:

  • Chew gum – You read that right! Chewing gum is like exercising your jaws. With the continuous jaw movement, it helps to sharpen the area. Also, it won’t take too much effort to do this.
  • Smile more – Besides being the best thing anyone can wear, smiling helps to tone up the facial muscles. This activity extends the cheekbones, which then exercises the surrounding muscles. Smile more often! It also helps to boost your mood.
  • Lessen salt intake – Salt, as we all know, can contribute a lot with the sudden bloatedness in our appearance. You’ll notice if you’re fond of eating salty foods, your face starts to bloat up. If you’re the one preparing the food at home, you might want to lessen the amount of salt you put in your dishes. Also, avoid overeating junk food.
  • Drink lots of water – Water does so many wonders to our body. It hydrates the skin, cleanses our body, and even helps with toning the face! As water flushes out the toxins in our body, it eliminates any harmful factors which promote a youthful appearance. You just ate a full meal that contains huge amounts of sugar and salt? Better drink two glasses of water after! Not only will water help to tone your face, but it also lessens the possibility of getting sick.

Why does our jawline become less defined?

Now that you know some ways to reduce excess fat under your chin and jaw area, you should also know what’s causing them.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, ageing is unavoidable. As years go by, the angle of the jaw increases, which reduces definition in the lower part of the face. The volume of your jawbone also decreases as we age. This happens as the surrounding soft tissues weaken, reducing its support and causing a sag appearance.


Genetics is one of the common reasons why your jaw is as it is. Some people develop a perfectly defined jaw as they grow older, while some develop a wide jawline. There’s no point in wondering why your jaw is less defined as you want it to be when you already know that it runs in the family.


If your top front teeth overlap your bottom front teeth, then you have an overbite. This weakens the jaw as it pushes the jaw far back. Some people get braces due to overbite, while some seek other medical help like surgical methods.

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