Embracing Your Inner Goddess: How New Age Self Care Can Be Fun'

Embracing Your Inner Goddess: How New Age Self Care Can Be Fun

In times of stress, panic and world news that never seems to stop coming, each story more hard to stomach than the next, many of us are turning to comforting hobbies and other self-care measures to try and stay calm and relaxed. This isn’t just self-indulgence, it’s necessary. Women especially carry stress deep in their bodies, and without some type of outlet to help them cope, can suffer physical effects of the stress they are carrying.

Embracing Your Inner Goddess: How New Age Self Care Can Be Fun'

No matter what hobby or interest you’re turning to, whether it’s marathoning Schitt’s Creek for the millionth time, baking dozens of cookies or clocking in mile after mile on your bicycle, keep at it. Keep looking after yourself and doing the things that make you feel happy and calm. 

For many of us, these hobbies include what some might jokingly call “woo” – New Age hobbies and practices that have proven to calm, soothe and excite the open-minded for centuries. The stigma that used to surround New Age practices is slowly starting to melt away, revealing the lovely and centered community who have called upon these methods of self-care and found true happiness with it. 

One big practice that is seeing a resurgence in popularity is the use of tarot cards. The Tarot has been used for centuries, originating in ancient Italy (according to legend, anyway) and providing comfort, insight and advice to those who are willing and able to interpret them. They’ve recently become popular again, with no small thanks to the various companies and artists who have adapted them to the modern era, adorning them with images of pop culture, from the Golden Girls to Dr. Who, David Bowie to Rocky Horror. No matter what type of tarot deck you use (and there are millions), the key idea is always the same. Clear your mind, choose your spread, read the card descriptions carefully, and interpret as clearly as you can. You can do readings solo or with a friend, or attend a reading by a professional.

Some like to take this idea a step further and visit a psychic. It’s not hard to find a medium or psychic in your area who is willing to do a free psychic reading; this will allow you to see for yourself if it’s something you wish to continue. There are devotees out there who swear by their psychic readings.  If you’re interested in doing spells, or utilizing totems, pendants, talismans and other items, best to visit a professional pagan shop or center first. There, you can buy the stones, herbs, oils and other items you want to try, and find out what they can do. The people there are well-practiced and educated on all the tools and items you’ll need, and can teach you how to use them. Never just begin practicing without the no-how – that’s dangerous and risky. A good idea is to purchase a book, such as The Witches’ Book of Self Care, that can teach you basic pagan practices for everyday life.

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